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America falls..

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Originally Posted by TankTop View Post
I agree 100% with everything ELSE you said... We are now involved in conflict in more countries than ever before, saying he is getting us out of the last "Bush" war is factually laughable, if anything we're deeper than ever. That could be one of the straws that breaks the camels back. We are now just meddling in everyone's business with no decisive action, just pissing everyone off. All it would take is a dirty bomb or two for society to collapse beyond what our government could manage, and the collapse would occur very rapidly!
Iraq + Afghanistan + Libya + Egypt = Mongo Quagmire!!!
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I see all the History that collapsed the Roman Empire,and no one is even talking about it,when we ignore History,what went around is bound to repeat itself.

"The fall of Rome Book or CD"the CD was on the History Channel recently,one would think it's todays NEWS!
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Debt is not a problem as long as you don't pay it off........
If interest rates go up to anywhere close to historic norms there is NO WAY the USA could pay the interest on its debt. So says Bill Clinton(and every economist).
Just walking on the edge of of my grave.
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Maybe we would be better off living in a fantasy world. All is good. Have no worries, Obama will save us.

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Originally Posted by kbd512 View Post

Russia is and always has been terrified of the US. They think we're absolutely crazy. That supposition may have some merit to it. They're interested in us not attacking them, that's about it.
Very astute observation.
As someone who has lived in europe half my life I agree.
but its an inconvenient truth to the cold warriors.

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The Nation was broke and in debt. The President and His Wife had set down to dinner. The city of Washington was attacked by the most powerful army in the world.
The President and his wife escaped death by minutes at the hands of a foreign invader. The Presidents home was set on fire as the invaders ate the presidential dinner.
In order to cover the burned wall a nation on a budget "White" washed the mansion. It would for ever be the White House. This would all end in New Orleans in 1815 with American Patriots turning the enemy away.
President Jefferson and his wife Dolly led the Nation through very tough times. The American people have a strong pedigree don't give up the fight.
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Chainfire, you had me right up till the last line, second entry.
Never argue with an idiot in public. People passing by won't know which one of you is the idiot.

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The economy is improving, at least on paper. Notice I said economy, not the economic welfare of the average citizen. By welfare I don't mean government assistance, I mean the ability of the average citizen to support him or her self through employment and conduct of corporate activity.

As far as the Fed printing money is concerned, the bubbas at the Fed realized that the international money supply, particularly the American money supply, was insufficient to meet demand because of all the speculation on real estate and commodities. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but what we are doing is paying off debt for cheap by devaluing our currency. The verdict is out as to whether or not this is a sound economic strategy. One things for sure, the dollar buys a lot less today than it has in previous years.

There's still money to be made, but traditional employment is no longer able to provide the same standard of living that it did in decades past. The "system", if you will, was designed to keep Americans in debt and beholden to banks and corporations. It's a method of "controlling" the labor force. So far, it's worked.

The question I have is this, what with all the blatantly unconstitutional things the American government is involved in, when will the people get fed up with it and what will happen afterwards? I don't expect a second revolution, but life could be very different if the American people put their foot down. That's looking increasingly unlikely, which means eventually more wars, more job loss, more wealth redistribution to the rich, and finally a descent into chaos or tyranny on a global scale.

War is always offered up as a solution to economic problems and the people can always be convinced of the necessity for war. The corporate officers for the defense contractors and bankers of course, are laughing all the way to the bank.

The latest government tyranny trap is entirely a product of fear (Isn't it always?), however, as opposed to a need to "control" everyone. Yes, that's right, the spying and coercive activities of our government are because a few people have managed to convince everyone else, including the majority of our government employees, that the "terrorists" will "get them" if they don't give up their liberties for "protection" from the "terrorists". It's like the "Red Scare" or as I call it, the "Red Farce" from the early days of the Cold War.

All of that naturally leads to distrust between the government and its people and, as we see in America, an "arms race" of sorts between the government and the citizens. Never mind that it's all contrived, the people who sit on both sides of the fence believe it's real.

On that note, I think we should spend less time and treasure in endless wars and more on useful human pursuits. Killing each other is the most base and morally bereft human pursuit I can think of. Look at it this way, if we spent the money we spent on the war in Iraq, we'd have a human outpost on Mars by now. The kind of money we spent could literally be used to colonize other planets. Unlike many other countries, we actually have the requisite technical capabilities, money, and resources to do that. Instead we've spent that money fighting intangible or existential threats that never materialized.
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The verdict is out as to whether or not this is a sound economic strategy.
How can the verdict be out on that? We were stupid with our money, which was borrowed in the 1st place, and as a result we are up to our eyeballs in debt. So now, we print MORE money, to "pay off" our debts, and in the process create inflation, so people can't afford what they used to. And, what happens if the people getting paid off in this inflated currency say "NO, sorry, not going to accept that."? Sounds to me like the verdict is in.....
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Our Nation was founded in debt. The Founding Fathers did not have ready cash they borrowed and so it started. There was so much worthless money in the early days it was referred to as "Shin Plasters".
The Nation has survived depressions and Civil Wars. There has always been the "Doomsday" criers. The American system is alive and stressing as it is intended to do.
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