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Why you need iron sights here

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Originally Posted by brandy View Post
scope especially for eyes past 40. For decades those of us forced to use shotguns (smoothbores at that) in upstate NY all used low x scopes even in heavy cover because they just work better. Saying that you cannot afford a low x scope.... well I wonder how you can afford the gas to get to the woods. There are no end of low X scopes on ebay like the ANNB K1 post and crosshair I just bought for $70.00. Used one like it for 20+ years on my old M 12 26" IC. Killed my limit of deer every year and it would hold a 5" group with plain old foster slugs at 75 yards. That scope was a rarity (although in my "ute" I was unaware of it) as it had a 5 minute dot. It went through rain, snow and all sorts of the wonderful weather unique to "lake effect" with never a hiccup. foolishly sold it to a friend who put it on his M 12 trapgun where it is still purring after many, many 1000 rounds. A deerhunter from my old home turf with an unscoped shotgun or muzzleloader is a rare bird indeed.
Don't deny that iron sights still work, but a Wally world savage or marlin package bolt action with a scope is a better hunting rifle than a multi 1000 dollar iron sighted rifle. I'll put my Marlin XLC 270 with a 1-4 Leupold up against anything with iron sights at any range from 25 to 400 yards. that is an "all up" $600 package...not high end by any means.
But if you won't try it.....well stick with whatever you like.
You made me chuckle! Take your 40+ and add more ++++++++. I also cut my teeth hunting Upstate NY. Stephentown, Berlin, New Lebanon. I like open sights. Stating that you would put your $600.00 package against an open sight rifle out to 400 yards is a fair challenge which you may loose. I have a few that would be up to it. Actually I have a Rifle that has a 4x scope that I use irons at close range, say 100..200 meters and the scope for out to 600 meters. I don't remove the scope at all. The rifle was made in 1907. As I have stated before, I love my Swedes. Even my 8x57 Swede is real accurate to 150 yards w/ express irons and will easily hit 400 yards w/ a 3-9x32mm Scope. That is hitting the 8mm's stride. Scopes are not evil, but they have there place. If I am going on a special hunt, my rifle gives both options without removing the scope. If the hunt is in a more controled area, I'll use a scoped rifle w/ no sights. Here is a question, As stated most dangerous game rifles use irons in Africa. Have you ever shot a .366 that has no recoil to speak of? My humble 9.3x57 Swede, a caliber carried by guides, is outstanding. At 100 yards it sends a 286gr bullet into game at 2050fps. 150 yards drops to 1950fps. At that distance it is enough for anything but great bear. At 30 yards it is enough for great bear. I trust my irons before becoming a snack. I also prefer the Mauser safety, if it is on I can't see the sights. I keep it as simple as I can for my own preservation and success. I am slowly converting the guys I know around here to a simpler way to hunt and loose the technology that complicates it so much. With the advent of people using 4 wheelers to get deeper into the woods before a hunt, more guys are having issues with their scope being out of wack. Irons solve the issue. If your hunting woods, irons work. To each his own. I still have buddies using 760/7600 Pa. machine guns! We always rib each other about our rifles/ scopes/ calibers, but a couple actually hold world records. Can't say they don't work!
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Default A properly mounted scope is far more rugged than

most iron sights. You use whatever works for you and generally, I'll stick with quality, properly mounted optics. Insofar a 4 wheelers go, they are illegal where I hunt and reflect a mindset 180 degrees from your primitive style. They are one step behind jet skis as devices that should have a bounty on them. But that's another topic......

I have been known to hunt with iron sights as they are appropriate on c 1809 flintlocks at 18 paces.

Why you need iron sights here - Hunting Forum

Why you need iron sights here - Hunting Forum
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First off, that Sedgely Springfield is a nice rifle! That is a style of rifle I really like.
I too favor optical sights just because I can no longer see irons well and they can add about twenty minutes to each end of the day. I am also a fan of low power scopes and in fact, I really like the old Weaver K2.5's. However, I have come to appreciate higher powered scopes for the opportunity they afford for that "last second" check before you shoot. For most species, we are no longer able to simply hunt meat and it makes sense to be able to double check for point count before firing. A couple of years back I had hunted pretty hard all day and finally managed to see the elk in heavy timber before they saw. By the time I picked the bull out though, he had seen me as well. So there I was, frozen in place, watching that bull through my K3 and trying to verify six points. I had forgotten my binooculars and it's not certain I would have had the opportunity to look through them in any case. Standing still, I wasn't a serious threat but if I'd moved, they might have spooked. I stood like that for twenty minutes and that bull never turned his head enough for me to be able to count. If I had been using a higherpowered variable, I might have been able to see well enough to verify what I was morally certain was a six point bull. Instead, I stood there until it was too dark to count points without a spotlight and passed on my elk for that year.
Still, I like the looks and rugged reliability of a low powered, compact, ruggedly mounted scope. I still have that K3 on that rifle but I carry an 8X monocular in my jacket pocket and hope I get the chance to use it.
For real closeup shots, sights of any kind are superfluous and a large front bead is all that is required out to 50 yards and even beyond that providing the stock fits and you practice with it a bit. I am able to shoot 3 to 4 inch groups, offhand, at 50 yds with my 35 Whelen using only a front bead. Good enough to take most game, in a pinch. Practice is the most important part of the equation. GD
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