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Why do people hunt coyotes? can you eat them?

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and if you want to eat them how hungrey are you?just go for well done to kill the worms.
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I live in Massachusetts....coyotes are a problem
because they hunt in packs & will attack dogs & children....also, they have no natural predators out here so they are becoming overpopulated.....nasty animals
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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
I shoot the bastages because they killed all of my chickens. They are not native to my area. (I think they came from Texas) They disrupt the natural life cycle of other native animals. Maybe when Texas secedes they will go back home and I can save my ammo.
Chainfire,I'm sure coyotes are very much "native" to where you live.Their native range is from Central America to Northern Canada.

Coyotes are the cockroaches of the canine world.They can live just about anywhere,and adapt to populated area's very easily.
They raise havoc on livestock,small animals,pets.In some area's there is still a bounty on them.

We shoot any that we see-I got this one at around 300 yards with a 25/06.It just couldn't run fast enough.

Why do people hunt coyotes? can you eat them? - Hunting Forum
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That's pretty brutal man. Bad death.
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They are just dogs, no more or less dangerous than any other K-9 allowed to run wild..............
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A coyote jumped my fence and grabbed "Fruffy" my toy poodle, and jumped back over the fence while i was watching, i've been scared for life.

Incidently, i shot one in AZ, at about 200 yards with my M1, i was loaded with .223 accelators. Which is a 30-06, shell with a .223 saboted projectile. Wow, serious pink mist talk about hydroshock i didn4 get a picture, but it looked similiar to the other shot coyote, except where the middle of the coyote normally is there was just a widening streak of red chunky slush. So much for the hide.
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I hear them almost nightly around my house, but have only seen them several times. A racoon got into a rabbit nest earlier this year, and two of them came up and killed the racoon, tore its throat and crotch out. There were two 4 foot circles with blood sprayed about a foot high, one around the rabbit nest and one where the coon ended up.This was about 15 feet from my grandmas house, which is next door to me. Way too close. I'll kill one any chance I'll get. I'm dreaming of a suppressed AR with a night vision scope. Dear Santa:
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Why do I hunt coyotes? The simple answer is because I care about the farmers who let me use thier land. I have acess to 3 farms in my area, 2 of them are dairy farms, all three have horses, pets, and children. I have seen a pack of coyotes bring down a foal in the back pasture on one of these farms. I witnessesed another pack tearing apart a newborn calf at another farm. I frequently walk through the woods with my daughter, or one or two of my neices and nephews, or my dog. Every time I do, I am armed. All of the farms I frequent, and the property I rent and live on, have had problems with coyotes. Each place has a standing rule: If you see a coyote and can get a safe shot, drop it where you see it. More than one, take out as many as you can. They go after livestock, pets and sometimes people. They carry and spread diseases. They are invasive vermin whose population must be controled. IN three years at one dairy farm that I hunt on, they have lost 4 dogs, countless cats, 6 calves, 5 foals, and 13 goats. Bear in mind that when they lose a goat or a cow they are not just losing meat, they are also losing the money from the milk and the products that are made from it during the lifetime of the animal, and the money that has to be spent to replace that animal and it's subsiquent offspring. Not a cheap proposition in an industry where running in the black is not a common thing.

As far as eating them. Not something I have ever tried, but in my first edition of The Joy of Cooking there is a recipe for coyote or fox fondue. I'm not to big on fondue, but in a survival situation...........

Meat is meat. I do hope this shows that we are not azzholes. We do have our reasons for hunting them, and it is appreciated by farmers and ranchers. Kudos to those who posted their reasons before me. You didn't leave me much to add. Good work guys.
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You don't kill them they will kill your animals be in livestock or even pets. Damn things breed like rabbits it seems (been known to kill them too!). Sure I guess you can eat them but I have no desire. Same for crows but they get the lead too.

It's not the easiest to hunt coyotes. The are a predator after all. I have a friend that saves pelts. I just make them fall over though. He can have the remains..

Why do you think there are varmint guns? Because varmints need a dose of the lead to keep them away from your animals.
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Originally Posted by Hdq View Post
I look at my dog and wonder how can somone hunt an animal from the k9 family?? I get a little angry and think coyote hunters are *******s domesticated or not dogs are very loyal. mans best friend they never argue never complain and are incredibly smart they can detect bombs , drugs guide blind people relive stress they are very usefull animals theyre not stupid like a hog or useless like a deer all they are good for is eating but it gets me angry when I hear a coyote squeling exactly like a dog in the forest after its been shot as of now I think coyote hunters are *******s why do they do it? Maybe I wouldnt feel so angry if I knew why people hunt them and I was more educated on the subject. are they used for meat? Are they worth money? Or are coyote hunters just plain a holes? Lol please tell me why and please dont be rude

So you call coyote hunters names but you don't want anyone to be rude to you.
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