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Elk-Win70 .300 Win Mag
Hog-Mauser 98 8x57
Yotes on down-.223



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I carry my xd .40 and use the .23 mini 14 for deer.



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I have two lever rifles that work for deer. A 30-30 and a 44 mag. 12 gauge or 16 gauge for turkey.

I don't hunt much anymore but both those would do fine around here. Used to call coyotes and used a few different rifles from a 17HMR to a 223. 95% of the time my sidearm will be as 45ACP. But I do have a couple 40's that come out with me some too.


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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
.458 socom 350grn hornady roundnose softpoint. (used to use a winchester model 70 458winmag with similar load to the socom.)
in heavy brush pig stalking i like to use my ruger 44mag carbine with soft points.
springfield armory 1911 45acp 230grn fmj.
Ok, the Ruger .44 mag carbine is your heavy brush pig gun. What is the .458 Socom for? Rhino and Elephant?

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DEER- .30-06 in the past, planning on getting a 6.5 Grendel
ELK- same .30-06
HOGS- same .30-06, AR-15/.223, Saiga/.308
Sidearm- .45 LC Cimarron Thunderer, or Taurus .40 S&W

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Deer will be 30-06, 6.5x57mm
Elk would be 30-06 or 6.5x57mm
Hogs 12 Ga with buckhammer slugs

I don't pack a sidearm while hunting 99% of the time. I take my 45 ground hog hunting just in case one decides that he wants some up close and personal ninjafu crap. I pack 185gr Speer Gold Dots.

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A Remington model 7 in 308 for deer.

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This is what I am planning.

Deer - .25-06 when I get it, but .308 until I do.
Elk - .308 or 300 Win Mag
Hogs - depends on the size of the hog we hunt that day and the type of the hunt, but anything from .17HMR to .223 to .243 to .308.
Sidearm for hog hunts - .45 ACP

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Here in Newfoundland we only have moose and Caribou. I use a Tikka M695 in .300 Win Mag. for either. For all small game/waterfowl I will be using my Benelli Nova 12g.


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.444 marlin for whitetails-huge knife for sidearm.If I had a crazy ruttin buck tackling me that is willing to kill itself to kill me,I think a knife will do more good than a pistol that might not stop the thing.


S&W 915 9mm
Mossberg 500 Mariner 12ga
1945 Win 94
Ruger MKIII 22/45 4"
Savage MK II
Ruger SP101 .357
Kung-Fu Moves

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