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Sarnesr 04-18-2010 12:47 AM

Varmit rifle set up questions
I purchased the wife a Remington 700 Varmiter rifle in .223 and topped it off with a Bushnell 12-24x50. I got it mainly as a target/range rifle, but she wants to try her hand at hunting yotes with it.
As far as her shooting ability, she can hit a human sized steel target @ 300 mtrs all day with it. What I would like to know is;
We live in Washington State, so is this a good set up for hunting yotes?
What type and weight of bullet is a good match for the use intended (not trying to open a can of worms)?
Would a .17 HMR platform work just as good?

Never used anything but my m14 for hunting so my experience with the .223 is limited to military use. Any AND all info is appreciated.
Also, if anyone in WA state knows of any good areas to hunt these little guys, please help a guy out and pass it on.
Thanks in advance.


cpttango30 04-18-2010 01:24 AM

All but that scope man that thing is huge. For yote hunting in daylight hours you want a 4.5-14 or a 6-24x MAX. Some use a 3-9x but I dislike that power range on a scope. I prefer a 6-24x but for yotes you want a scope that you can dial down for a wide FOV and then if you get one stopped 300 or 400 yards out you can crank that thing up and take him out.

For bullets I would use a 55gr or 60gr Hornady V-Max bullet.

In my eyes the 17 rimfires are NOT even close to being a yote round 17gr bullets just don't penetrate like a bullet 4 or 5 times as heavy. Many on here will say they make a great yote gun. I don't think so at all you just don't have the down range performance that is needed to quickly kill yotes.

Sarnesr 04-18-2010 01:47 AM

I have several scopes sitting around that I could top the rifle off with. Up to this point I have been using factory ammo in the rifle and the wife has been getting good groups. I do reload though (not .223 yet). I have a single stage and a progressive press, and a set of carbide .223 dies. Is it worth the time and energy to make loads up for this or are factory loads good enough?
From what I have seen of the areas that we would hunt (west side of the mountains), most shots would be at 200 mtrs or less.
Using factory PMC 55 grn FMJ-BT, the wife has the rifle zeroed at 200 mtrs and hits all her shots in the "x" on a standard 100 yrd zero target. She is consistant with her POA and POI, so I have no fear of her ability, just want to make sure of good, clean humane kills.


stalkingbear 04-18-2010 03:14 AM

If it was me, I'd (and did) go with a good 4.5x-14x40mm or a 4x-16x-40mm as Tango suggested. You don't want too much magnification because yotes rarely stand still very long (at least around here). The rifle itself is perfect for yotes.

You DEFINITELY need to stay AWAY from FMJ loads when hunting for yotes-use soft points or varmint loads instead. The .17 HMR is pretty iffy on yotes. Some times it'll do the job but sometimes they'll run off after a solid chest shot, only to be found later on the next farm over.

Have your wife to practice under actual field conditions such as from a bipod or field rest. See what size her groups are then. That'll tell you a lot more than simply shooting from the bench all the time.

Sarnesr 04-18-2010 03:54 AM

She shoots from the bench, from the prone supported and with bi-pod. She has timed drills, shoots weak side etc. Like I said before, I have no doubt about her ability to shoot (have yet to see her try shooting a moving target).
I have looked at poly tipped ammo and the likes, but have stuck mainly with the 55 grn FMJ-BT. Is one weight ot brand that has a better track record?

Thanks for the info and keep it coming.

jeepcreep927 04-18-2010 05:45 AM

As stated above, look at lower power for a scope. Between moving dogs and cover, you'll want to have a pretty good field of view.

As far as bullet selection, the VMAX might make saving hides "difficult" if you had planned on that, as will several traditional varmint bullets poly tipped or hollow point. If you look at plain ole' soft point spitzers, you'll find they will anchor a yote just fine and make less mess. Sometimes they work better than the super frangibles as you won't get the splash a lightly constructed bullet at high velocity sometimes gives. Not saying anything bad about the VMAX at all, just my experience with them (60 grain) on coyotes.

jpattersonnh 04-19-2010 08:41 PM

My "long" range yote gun has a 6-20x42mmAO Sightron SII on it. At 100 yards the 6 power still does very well as long as the coyote is not beating feet. .17HMR, no way!

deth502 04-20-2010 12:29 AM

as was mentioned, dont go with the fmj's. imo, just about any bullet designed for game (ie, anything thats NOT a fmj or "target/match" hp) should do the job. and again as was mentioned, some better than others, so if you do intend on saving the hide, you might want to stay away from the more aggressive "high performance" designs.

and i think i speak for everyone who reloads when i ask wher you got the carbide 223 dies? the rest of the reloading world would love to get some.

17hmr? i wouldnt trust it for more than a head shot at under 50 yds on something the size of a coyote.

cpttango30 04-20-2010 12:02 PM

I would reload for it and I do reload for both my 223's. I use 50gr V-Maxes in my Remmy 500 and 60gr V-Maxes in my AR-15. My remmy will print .4" groups at 100 yards. My AR will print .6" groups at 100 yards.

Sierra make a nice 60gr Spitzer Game king.

FMJ are not made to expand like the Varmint type bullets. A 50gr V-Max out of my remmy 700 blew the guts out of a ground hog at 300 yards.

jpattersonnh 04-20-2010 01:09 PM

I've been loading 63gr Sierra semi spitzers for coyotes. Real accurate in both my AR and CZ. 53gr Barnes work great also. I have some speer 52gr HP that I need to load up for Woodchucks.

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