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Stories Of Your First Successful Hunt

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Originally Posted by John_Deer View Post
First kill? With a pellet rifle? Archery? Firearms? People need to give more details when they ask a question.
He's askin for your first successful hunt a person had/counts that is w anything
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Im gana use my first deer harvest.

I found me a spot under a big bull pine, limbs touching the ground. little doe walked around the edge of a limb I never saw it untill it sniffed my foot!! Think i was more scared then the deer!!It jumped about 10 feet from me it was on then. My best friend still talkes about this i shoot the thing 3x's lol Every time I kill one now he always has to ask how many times did you shoot this one.
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well, i'll do both. my first kill was at age 12. i had passed my hunters safety course that saturday morning with my mom. my uncle took us to a gun shop and we got our licenses. my uncle also purchased a new england 410 shotty for me to use.. but it was his. lol. we got home and it was starting to sprinkle. my uncle said it was up to me if i wanted to go out that afternoon. ofcourse i wanted to.. got ready and stepped out the door into a downpour.. i still wanted to go so him and i walked into the woods. we haf gone maybe 100yds. and he stopped so i stopped. we must of stood a good 5 to 10 minutes.. time is hard for a 12yr old to guess. all of a sudden he turned and said there, on that branch to your left. maybe 15yards away. i turned and saw a big ole poofy grey squirrel sitting, eating a nut. i slowly raised the 410 with just a bead on the end, took aim and bang. i watched as he fell and twitched a little. we kept going all afternoon but saw no otheres there were close enough for the 410. saw afew i would of had now. but at that time.. no way. got back to the hosue soaked to the bone, but grinning like a crazy fool who just won the lottery!

first deer. fast forward 5 years. age 17. had been bowhunting for 3 years, gun hunting 1 with no luck. opening day came and our group took our places in the woods. none of us saw anything all morning. went in for lunch and went backk out for the afternoon. my spot was great. i was sitting at the base of the tree that held my treestand for bowseason. i had seen deer almost everyday from here but often times where a lot farther than i could shoot with my bow. it sat an the edge of thick pine woods, and hardwoods. about half way up a long sloping hill. there were three trails that crossed directly infront of my tree. and several others that crossed about 50 yards downhill. so im sitting there starts getting close to that magic time of dusk. i saw 4 does about 50-60 yards to my left.. perfect i thought. i brought up my rifle, and searched but had no shots. the doe's were behind to much think brush. as i watched them for a few minutes i heard something to my right. so i figured i would look. yup.. no more than 10 yards off my right shoulder stood a button buck. sniffing the air. well he kept walking on the trail right in front of me as i slowly tried to turn back to the right. i was about half way when he decided i was no good and took 3 big jumps in the direction i was just aiming.. ugh.. he stopped about 30 yards away broadside so in one quick motion i put the crosshairs on behind his shoulder and pulled the trigger.. after dark and severalattempt to follow the blood trail( which was very weak) even my uncle wasnt sure i hit him good.. but i kept saying i know it was a goos shot!. so on our fourth pass. we finally found some blood we had missed. a few steps later we found the deer. he hadny gone more than 50 yards. the problem was he zig zagged, and doubled back while not leaving lots of blood. so in the darkness of the woods i got my first congrats.... the next morning my sister shot a doe, and that afternoon i shot a spike buck from the same stand.. but thats another long story.

was able to find the pics!
1.jpg   2.jpg  
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I was 8 or 9. Shot a squirrel with a Sears Roebuck single shot bolt-action, iron sights, loaded with .22 BB short. Felt kinda bad. Buried him with full military honors at my campsite. Then I got over it and for the next few years I barked em, skinned em ate em and otherwise.
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I can't remember back that far. It's been over 40 years since I took my first kill.
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I got a Winchester Mdl 70 270 in late fall 1952 but dident get deer hunting untill 1953. I went with my brother in law who was 16 yeard older than I. For some years he had hunted the area west of Cheyenne Wyo . We walked in the hilly pasture land during the morning but dident see any mule deer. After lunch we walked for about an hour when a deer come over a hill about 150 yards away. I took one shot which hit high in the lung area. The deer droped like a rock when hit with the 130 grain bullet. Over the years I shot more deer in Wyo, North Dakota, and Nebr. This fall was the first year I did not get a hunting licenes , my old body is worn out, but its fun to recall my first deer. Over the years I have tryed out various brand rifle with different cartridges but I still have my old Win Mdl 270 rifle.
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Thanks for the great stories.JJ & Tuck! Hopefully they will inspire others to take up the sport of hunting.
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I don't remember my first successful hunt. I grew up on a farm in SE Missouri. I was born in 1946. I grew up hunting small game from an early age. I killed a lot of squirrels, rabbits, quail, ground hogs, and miscellaneous other game. Didn't deer hunt til I was out of college. Weren't many deer around back then.

My first successful deer hunt was six years ago. I was hunting on a friends property. He and I set up in his portable two man blind. The way we were set up, the closest shot we would get would be at least 200 yards. All I had at the time was an SKS in 7.62x39. So he let me use his Savage 7 mm magnum. A spike buck walked out and began eating corn left on the ground during harvesting. My friend checked the distance with his range finder. It was 240 yards. I drew a bead on the deer and pulled the trigger. CLICK Oh no, I thought, the deer is going to get away. But he continued feeding on the corn. I opened the bolt and saw that a round had not gone in the chamber when I closed the bolt. I closed the bolt again, this time making sure a round chambered. I drew another bead on the deer. BOOM I missed! I thought the deer would run off for sure this time. But the deer didn't move, he still stood there eating corn. At this point my friend hands me his other 7 mm magnum, a Remington Sendero, and says, "Here, take this one, I know where it hits." I draw a bead on the deer for a third time. BOOM This time the deer did move. Straight down! He was DRT (dead right there).

Later when we examined the Savage rifle, we noticed that one of the crosshairs in the scope was broken. You could actually see a gap in the crosshair.
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It was about three or four years ago. My dad and i had gone out to his friends lease for a couple years but had not had any luck. This little nub buck walked out. It was my very first seeing a deer that was potentially a shooter. I had to go pee really bad so i slowly snuck outside the stand and relieved myself. The buck was still there when i got back. My dad put his rifle up chambered in .270 winchester. He slowly squezzed like the ex SWAT sniper he is. The buck leaned just as he shot. The bullet broke the bucks right front leg. He moved a couple feet and then dropped. He was about 50 yards away. We went up to him and thanked God for the animal. We brought him home and skinned him to find out the bullet had completely taken the top of the heart off. The dear had the best meat i had ever tasted.
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Good stories so far, and congrats everyone on their successful hunts. It's the first one that gets ya hooked.

Here's my story.
1994 southern Missouri

I was nine years old, went with my brother 13 and father 40. After a unsuccessful opening morning @ 9 am my dad and brother walked through a patch of thicket towards my stand. ( My dad believed I was old enough to navigate the woods and hunt alone at this age!) I scanned the area to see blaze orange 200 or more yards away. It was my brother and dad, as I watched them closely I noticed them duck down and take cover. I was confused to say the least, until I took out my binoculars and saw them pointing. Aha I see a small fawn thirty yards away. They saw it before me! I calmly raised my .243 savage bolt action. I began to shake and think about how it was just a fawn, but I gathered myself and fired striking the boiler room. She dropped didn't notice another movement from her. My heart pumped with excitement, but was also sad for the deer. I even shed a couple tears for it before my brother and dad got to the stand to see. I thought they would laugh and joke, but no to my amazement they were very proud of me. And as famliy tradition, I wore the blood of my first kill on my face for 24 hrs.

I still hunt with that same gun today. I still find it hard to shoot does today, something about it.

I took a 9 pt with the same rifle this year, same scope and sling even.
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