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kusterleXD 11-27-2012 08:54 PM

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I'm interested to hear stories about everyone's first successful hunt. Although I started hunting back in 2006, there was about a 4 year hiatus beginning in 2008 where I didn't have an opportunity to hunt. This year, I was able to get into the woods on the second from last day of the modern firearm portion of deer season with a buddy from my Sunday School class at church. Here is the story of my first successful hunt:

We got into the stand a little later than planned Saturday just as the sun was shining its first rays of light on the land. We were in a 2-person ladder stand leaning against a tree and watching a field through a small wooded area that had a lot of deer signs. About 45 minutes into the hunt, with a couple grunt calls and doe bleats scattered in, two does were curious and stepped out of cover. From where I sat in the stand, I couldn't see them but my buddy was able to. A few minutes later they moved to where we both could see them. We watched them a little while longer and eventually one of the two does moved into our shooting lanes. Both of us had very narrow shooting lanes due to having to shoot through the wooded area before the field opened up. From where the does were, I had a somewhat better shooting lane than my buddy so I took the 1st shot. My bullet was deflected by a small branch and missed. The doe moved a little to where my buddy had a good shot on the same doe but he jerked the trigger and missed her completely as well. We were both very surprised to find that both does were still in the field not sure of what was going on. The doe we both shot at and missed moved to where there was a tree that blocked any shot on her but the second doe moved into my shooting lane. I lined up the cross hairs of my scope onto her vitals, checked to make sure there were no small branches in my shooting lane, and estimated her to be at about 100 yards. I practiced breath control, steadied my aim, and gently squeezed the trigger of my Marlin X7 chambered in .308 Winchester. The 180 gr hand loaded Hornady SST bullet projected by 40.0 grains of IMR 4064 powder traveled at just under 2400 fps and entered into her left shoulder. I didn't see it because of the recoil but my buddy said the shot immediately dropped the doe where she stood. We then both saw the first doe flashing her white tail while running to the cover from whence they came, finally aware of the danger. The mortally wounded doe only lived long enough to try to to lift her head twice then didn't move any more after that. We carefully climbed out of the stand to go check on the kill, make sure we hadn't wounded the first doe, and keep the coyotes away from the carcass. The absence of a blood trail and the fact the first doe hadn't run until the third and successful shot dropped the second doe, I am confident the first doe was not wounded in any way. We then checked the slain doe and verified the shot was an ethical kill that had punctured her lung and severed her spinal cord. It was my first harvest of an animal and I thanked God and the animal for the meat provided to us.

trip286 11-27-2012 09:12 PM

Ain't never hung a man, but the day ain't over... ;)

Does it have to be deer? I've only ever killed a deer with a truck. My ex got three in one week with my Cadillac though... Do those count? I swear she was trying...

The first time I ever killed a critter, I was 9. It was a dove hunting trip as an early birthday present, opening day of the season, and my birthday was 2 days later (I usually call it a dove "shoot", as I don't even bother with camo or boots).
I carried my red ryder BB gun, and after my dad's buddy saw me clip one on the fly, he handed me his Remmy 870 12 gauge, and said "here, you'll have better luck with this". Luckily, I've always been a big kid. But still, the first bird to fly over while I was using the shotgun, came in from my 12 o'clock, flying straight overhead. I drew a bead, and passed through, giving it a lead. Right when my dad's buddy saw what was about to happen, he yelled "DON'T SHOOT!!" right about the time I pulled the trigger, with the barrel pointing almost straight up.

That gun leveled me. Knocked me flat on my back. I got the bird. But, as I was laying there, flat out, spread eagled, with the shotgun laying on my chest, looking up at my dad and his friend looking down at me, I said "I want one of these", and patted the gun.

I took 5 more that day. 3 of those were one shot, 2 were a miss and I had to pump another round in the chamber and take them on the second shot. I had more in my bag than the two grown men put together (it was a slow field).

I unwrapped a Mossberg 500 12 gauge that Christmas. And I think that's why I have shoulder problems now, from going too big, too young. I saved every penny I could to buy shells, and hit every dove field I could every chance I got, during every season, until I joined the Marines. It made for interesting conversations when a 10 year old boy goes into the bait shop and buys 2 boxes of 6-8 shot, depending on what they have in stock, and never using less than full choke. That was ten years ago that I joined the Marines, and I haven't hit a dove field since. I sold the Mossy a few years ago when the ex put us in a bind and I had to get groceries and gas.

kusterleXD 11-27-2012 09:13 PM

I messed up on the title. I've asked a buddy who is a moderator to correct it. It doesn't need to be a deer, just your first successful hunt.

spittinfire 11-27-2012 09:49 PM

Glad to see your hunt was a success!

Isn't reloading twice as rewarding when you see it's benefits not only at the range but in the field as well?

kusterleXD 11-28-2012 12:57 AM

It sure is! I'm hooked on using hand loads for hunting.

Great story, trip! Looking forward to hearing more great hunting stories!

kusterleXD 12-03-2012 01:55 PM

Come on, someone's gotta have a good story or two to tell of their first hunt?!? Maybe it was with your dad, maybe it was striking out on your own. I'd like to hear them.

Biohazurd 12-04-2012 06:27 AM

Mine was no big deal. I was 12 and had gotten my hunter safety permit months prior. I grew up in south dakota so pheasant hunting is huge there.

It makes sense that a pheasant would my my first successful game animal. My father took me to a family friends property. I was carrying my fathers Winchester 1200 12 guage my grandfather gave him in the 70's,(which at the time felt heavy as a .50 cal barrett feels to me now.)

I sucked up the weight and after a bit of walking i came across my first rooster! Missed the first one though and my dad hit him after I couldnt take him down. I think i was just too excited!

After another 5 or 10 min walk another rooster jumped up from the brush. It was my time now! I raised that old 1200 to my shoulder and i took my shot, I had never felt so alive in my short 12 year old life. And as the gun fired i yelled in joy as that rooster fell like an astroid. We breaded and fried up that pheasant that night along with others and so started my hunting adventures! Till the day i die ill never forget that day.

Marlinman 12-04-2012 06:55 AM

My first successful hunt-that I count-i was 10 and my grandpa gave me half a box of 22 shells and his nylon 66. He told me go have fun and come back w a couple squirrels if I could manage to hit em. I came back bout 2 hours later, no blammo, dog tired but excited none the less. My grandpa asked me if I got any squirrels. I said yep need a sack. He told me to just put em on a stick and bring em in. I then replied already done that, can't carry em all. He laughed amd said alright where'd you leave em. I told him where and we went and got em in the truck. I think my grandpa dang near had a heartache over those 12 squirrels.

kusterleXD 12-04-2012 07:25 PM

Great stories! Let's keep them coming!

John_Deer 12-04-2012 07:29 PM

First kill? With a pellet rifle? Archery? Firearms? People need to give more details when they ask a question.

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