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Hookeye 01-23-2012 01:56 AM

spent boolits :)

L to R

1998 8pt, 12 ga at 12 yds. WW Hi Impact Surpeme. Hit front of near front shoulder, found under hide at rear ham (opp side). He went 75 yards and just stood for a second, so I popped him again and my exit of that shot was in entrance of first! So he fell at that shot and I was all happy, until I found "one bullet path".......bump and tuft on back ham showed that indeed I didn't flub such a gimme (shot him from the ground, called him in).

2010 is junk 6 pt smoked with TC Hawken, TC Maxihunter 275 gr, 25 yards or so. Double shoulder. 15 yards and then flipped in a bush. Lots of paint squirting out of the entrance in that short dash, literally 12-15 ft spray, like a hose.

2011 8pt, Python kill at 52 yards (spined-only shot available). 140gr Hornady leverevolution. Middle neck entrance, stopped in left sinus cavity (came through throat under brain pan).

Hookeye 01-23-2012 02:02 AM

1987 12 ga WW foster, 75 yds, Mossberg 500 smoothbore, heart shot 8 pt. Ran about 75 and piled up (hit fence). First gun killed deer for me.
1988 .50 cal .495 Hornady swaged ball, 30 yards, TC New Englander, neck to back of front shoulder, 9 pt on the run.
1995 doe around 90 yards IIRC, double shoulder. 3" mag WW foster, rifled Mossberg 835.
1995, same slug and gun, 9 pt going away. Slug hit 2nd from last rib and deflected through loin all the way to back of head (treestand shot, maybe 25 yards or so). Dropped right there, but I popped him again (always do when they drop at the shot).

Hookeye 01-23-2012 02:03 AM

Got some spent boolits and a story? Post 'em up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

30-30remchester 01-23-2012 02:21 AM

It is great you saved and properly recorded your kills and what the bullets did. I am a terminal ballistican as well and have well over 100 bullets actually recovered from mainly big game animals. It is a facinating and educational hobby.

Hookeye 01-23-2012 02:39 AM

I had some others that were very damaged (.44 mag 180 and 200gr XTP and Remingtons). A lot just whistled through. I even dug pretty deep on the edge of a swamp to try and recover a hard cast 255 gr from a treestand shot. Never found it :(

Used to have their retained weights, expansion. Kinda geeked on it. You're right, it is a fun hobby :)

BTW, used to have all shots on deer in Excel. Time, date, distance, weather, weapon, hit/miss, hit ratio (if multiple shots taken). Hit locations, animal reaction, distance to drop, buck/doe, weight.

Got pretty big over time, had all bow/gun data.

And................with my best property a pass through spot, no crops, it said.............

between 10 am and 2 pm, I'd kill an 8 pt of a certain avg weight. X distance for bow, Y distance for gun (averages). Oh yeah it also said something like 50 degrees, sunny or overcast, maybe even rain. Most bow kills in pre rut. Most gun kills in rut.

Kinda just said what the mags have said repeatedly. Nothing new LOL!

Did notice on the fly, and data supported it, that I should have sooner quit taking vacation early in bow.

Switched it to last week and a half of bow and got it to where I'd nuke a doe, or buck, one out of every 4 trips out, hunting only half days :)

Learned that spot, what other hunters did nearby, the effect of crop harvest and acorn drop did...........had it down good man.............and my bud sold the farm.

New lesser spots still get me deer, but I spend more time and $ for less sighting and takes. I can't be as picky as I used to be.


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