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guiri 12-11-2009 07:55 AM

Smallest/Lightest .22 for hunting
Guys, I was asking in other forums about the best gun for a SHTF scenario and instead of just one gun, several people insisted I should also get a 22 for taking game such as birds or rabbits for food.

Well, I considered a .22 conversion for the AK47 I just got but then I only found one conversion and it was poorly received by others due to lack of support and so on so I would like to know ,what are my options for the smallest and lightest gun (with some kind of optical scope I guess) for taking small game for survival. Of course, I would want it small and light to save on weight and the scope would be to compensate for possibly a short barrel pistol.

Links, pics and prices would be greatly appreciated.



skullcrusher 12-11-2009 11:35 AM

There are several makes and models out there.

Survival Rifles

There are full stock .22's, collapsable stocks and even take down models that self store.

guiri 12-11-2009 11:53 AM

Thanks, I had actually seen that site but I was wondering if there is something even smaller.

So what's your take on using a pistol with a scope for this providing I can get a steady enough rest of some sort..?


skullcrusher 12-11-2009 12:06 PM

Pistols are not accurate at longer distances unless they are a long barreled pistol. I would not trust my survival on a 22lr pistol, but that is just me. NEF, H&R, T/C and others make short rifles in single shot. Not sure how small you are looking for.

guiri 12-11-2009 12:29 PM

How far would you trust a pistol with a good scope and some good support?

Any links to these short rifles?

I would like something even shorter than the Papoose. Weight on that is fine but I would like something shorter.


jpattersonnh 12-11-2009 12:31 PM

A nice little shooter I picked up for my 9 year old might fit the bill. Model 69 Romanian trainer. His is a 1985 manufacture. It is about 5 pounds and very accurate. You can find them for under $100.00.
Collecting and Shooting the Romanian 1969 Trainer

guiri 12-11-2009 12:36 PM

Thanks Patterson but I would like something smaller than the Papoose or rather, a papoose with folding stock.

Skullcrusher, the T/C's are too big if this is what's available Rimfire Rifles - Thompson/Center

So far, a conversion for the AK seems lightest and smallest but I'm not about to support a company that treats people like this Do Not Buy Ciener .22lr conversions

..and this is the only kit I've found so far.


Jess 12-11-2009 12:40 PM

Remington Model 597

we have 2 of these, one with a scope one without. somebody at my house killed a coyote from a bathroom window with one just last weekend (it was going after our livestock) they are really lightweight. We have other .22lr but we always seem to grab those when we need them quickly

guiri 12-11-2009 12:56 PM

Thanks Jess (love the pic of you in the bikini by the way :)

I'm sure they're great guns but I was looking for something even smaller than this Marlin Model 70PSS Stainless

Maybe the Papoose/Marlin with a folding stock.

I wonder if someoen makes one.

Thanks again


jpattersonnh 12-11-2009 12:58 PM

It looks like an A7 or M6 is what you want!
Springfield Armory M6
Henry Repeating Arms Rifles

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