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Badshot320 07-28-2012 02:09 AM

Slug Chunkers
Almost time to get out the slug guns for some crop damage control here in Delaware. What kind of rig do you use? Mine is a Rem 870 Wingmaster with a Rem Cantilever FR barrel, Redfield 2-7 scope, and Hornady SST slugs in 12ga.


Wi_Hunter556 07-28-2012 02:23 AM

I have an Ithaca deerslayer II that did have a vx2 on it. I bought it for Iowa deer hunting. Haven't went the last couple of years, if I do go back I'll be picking up a Thompson center pro or else I'll have to put a scope on the 454 casull

Badshot320 07-28-2012 02:50 AM

We can only use a shotgun or muzzleloader for crop damge in Delaware, we just got a pistol season a few years ago. I have a .357 mag with a long enough barrel but havent gone yet.

Wi_Hunter556 07-28-2012 03:31 AM

iowa is the same way. My dad used to hunt quite a bit with pistols. We have a few .44's, 357's, and a 454 casull that have scopes or red dots. I haven't taken anything with the ithaca or any game animals with a pistol yet.

I would like to trade the ithaca in for a muzzleloader and I can get another week of deer hunting in. I should've bought a slug barrel for my 870 I had at the time. I'll be picking a new 870 with a slug barrel up after I order an aimpoint pro for my ar next week.

kfox75 07-28-2012 04:53 AM

20 GA. Mossberg 185d. A 1940s bolt action with a 2 shot mag, and interchangable chokes that screw on the barel form the outside. It is also equiped with a Redding peep sigt and a tru-glo front sight.

Intheshop 07-30-2012 10:16 AM

12g,870...rifled brrl.Got it to hunt in a county here that dosn't allow rifles.Haven't gotten around to handloading for it so,only factory loads through it.Has been a very nice rig.

BRAD313 07-30-2012 02:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Savage 220 shotgun NIKON scope n some hornady

Hookeye 08-03-2012 04:56 AM

Cuz bought my high comb stocked 870 with rifled bbl, trigger job and receiver drilled and tapped, Leupold 4X compact on it in Burris Zee rings.
WW Hi Impact Supremes it's a 1.5" rig at 100 yards (for me). Cuz blasts it 2 -2.5".
Works so well it's freakin' boring.

Hookeye 08-03-2012 05:00 AM

I kinda sorta missed the old gal, so decided I'd spice it up and get another 870, but go retro.
Smoothbore police model. Cut stock and added recoil pad. Used Aimtech mount (Kapton taped underneath to not scratch minty receiver). Bbl was loose in receiver, so degreased flange and added 2 layers of masking tape, tapped bbl into receiver with wooden block at muzzle.
Shot some bargain find (store closing) Activ slugs. Did OK on the range but nothing great.
Nuked this small 8 at 25 yards.

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