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Rainman 06-13-2009 12:10 AM

Remington 1100 help
I have not gone hunting since my youth. I have been invited to an anual pheasent hunt in SD this fall. many years ago dad passed on, and I received a few toys. One of which is a late 60's to early 70's Rem. 1100 12g auto. It is stamped as Trap, with full on the barrel. I beleive it is 30" if im measureing correctly (tip of barrel to rim in the breach) I know there are replacement barrels avail. for this gun but not sure which is best suited for pheasent, or if the one I have is good to go. I feel like a fool not knowing some of the answers but dad was the answer man and he passed before we got in many hunting trips. any help would be greatly app.

easterner123 06-13-2009 01:10 AM

well, you can buy other barrels for it along with chokes and such. As long as it goes bang it will be fine. I have an older model as well and I have a 28" duck barrel on it and use it for everything. The trap barrel should be fine. A skeet barrel could work too but its a personal preference thing (skeet barrels are shorter).

markerdown 06-13-2009 02:16 AM

You could use the trap gun for pheasants, but it's more suited for ducks/geese. That full choke and barrel length is designed for the shot dispersal to be at it's widest at a longer range. At a closer range the shot is much more condensed and may buzz saw a close pheasant depending how you hit it. Hitting the bird will be more challenging because the pattern is still tight at a short range.

Personally I use a 26" barrel o/u with I/M chokes. It swings fast. My 1100 has a 28" barrel with a modified choke (an oldie but goodie, no remchokes when this was made) and I've hunted pheasants with it for years. All the missed birds are directly accountable to operator error.

Wild birds in SD is a once in a lifetime hunt I'm planning with my GSP at Johansen farms. They tell me there are so many wild birds, I may just leave my gun home and knock em' down just with a tennis racket:D

But seriously, you are gonna have a blast! Don't forget to go over your 1100 and inspect the O rings run a lubed patch down the barrel and lube the action. Then shoot a couple of rounds of trap so you get the feel of it again. 7.5 shot will work or of it's marked trap. Wally world had some good deals.

You can find maintenance info on your 1100 on the web just google it. ........................markerdown

Rainman 06-13-2009 04:13 AM

Thanks for that bit of help.
Yes Easterner it does still go bang! (a few New Years have proven this lol)
Hey Markerdown one of the attendings and father-in-law to the one who invited me is a gun smith. I figured because of the age of the gun and lack of use, I would have him go through it before the trip. But not knowing if the barrel was suited for the task I thought it best to find out first and do any ordering nesessary before I got it to him.
From talks with the guys, I hear that most will bring more than one gun along for the trip. So my second to bring along is another one of dad's toys, its a J.C.Higgins model 60 12g with it's origional flash supress and fully adjustable choke. The barrel on this one is 26" over all, and judging from your comments should be better suited for the hunt.
It will go in for servicing as well, plus it needs a butt pad installed.
Oh yea! for the lack of sounding stupid, what is the diff. between trap, clay, and or skeet? I always thought they were the same thing.

easterner123 06-13-2009 01:17 PM

trap is when you have a diagonal line of people in back of the thrower. The thrower will throw one clay and each shooter must hit one clay, you go in order from right to left. Skeet is the field witha thrower on each side. There are marked areas from which you take your shots. You take a clay from the right thrower, the left thrower, then a simo pair (two clays thrown at the same time). Sporting clays are usually the courses you see in the woods or in a field. They are designed to simulate wild game shots, and present some of the most challenging shots to a shooter, its also a great way to get ready for an upland bird hunt (hint hint). Plus it will help you get used to your shotgun with the new barrel on it, and it is a lot of fun!

markerdown 06-13-2009 01:58 PM

Easterner123 summed it all up. To me, sporting clays is the most fun, and is the best practice for upland. Especially for those pesky woodcock and the lightning quick western quail!

A JC Higgings model 60 semiauto with the polychoke? You are talkin' 60's vintage. I remember JC and High Standard brands being sold at Sears plus others.

Rainman 06-13-2009 10:44 PM

Yes it's a semiauto and the polychoke is marked as J.C.Higgins Choke Master #309, remembering back a few New Years ago it fires nicely too. Yes 60's vintage sounds correct for the Higgans and the Rem. 1100

hunter Joe 06-14-2009 03:18 PM

Rainman, that gun will work just dandy for any upland game birds or waterfowl you decide to hunt. Shotguns will not pattern specific ammunition the same so the trick is to find the right ammunitions that patterns the best for that firearm. This will improve your success rate.

I understand that those western birds are big and hearty and don't just fall out of the sky every time you pull the trigger. This is where a tighter choke or barrel is a big plus when hunting native game birds. The boys in Iowa suggest that I use 4 shot on the native birds in Iowa, here in Wisconsin I never go any larger than 6 shot. The trick here is to use heavier shot that will maintain kinetic energy longer, insuring good clean kills.

Even when I'm shooting a modified chock I have to let the birds get out a ways or I'm left with a pile of feathers, so let them get a little head start and let then have it.
Always remember that it's alright to "run what you brung" as long as your having fun. Good Luck and I'm real jealous.

ChuckMc1 06-16-2009 04:03 AM

Hunter Joe is right. It is all about learning your gun and the right ammunition for the job. The pattern your gun shoots changes with the ammo you use. When 7.5 shot in 12 guage works well for dove you wouldn't want to use it for coyote. #4 buck in a 3" shell does wonders for the $, but, heavy load's "dead coyote" is devistating.

hdwrench 01-12-2010 02:48 PM

remington sells replacement barrles for the 1100 that have interchangable choke tubes . buying one barrel will keep you ready for many types of hunting .

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