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mrbooks10 04-04-2012 02:35 AM

New deer hunter
Hey guys, I'm 14 and really trying to get into deer hunting. I'm not one of those kids that haven't touched a gun before. I've been coyote, squirrel, and rabbit hunting but want to go into a bigger game. I have a mossy 500 with a cantilever slug barrel, so i'm good in the gun section. I just need a quick rundown of your tactics/methods/tips and tricks. Also what gun you use. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Rugers9 04-04-2012 02:46 AM

Went hunt for the first time i hired a guide to help try this if affordable

mountainman13 04-04-2012 02:49 AM

If a tree falls in the woods,the eagle sees it,the bear smells it,and the deer hears it.
Stealth,scent cover and a good amount of recon is my suggestion.

Gatoragn 04-04-2012 02:57 AM

Find the food source and you'll find the deer. If you find where the ladies like to dine, eventually they'll bring a dinner date with them.

Always try to stay downwind and no matter how slow and boring it was yesterday, get up and go again. It only takes a few seconds to become the hunt of a lifetime.

jeepejeep 04-04-2012 03:40 AM

Watch the wind and your scent. Deer have an amazing sense of smell. If you are sitting on stand, keep movement to a minimum. Remember, deer are always looking, listening and smelling for predators. They are in a constant state of paranoia as are all prey animals.
If you are still hunting walk very slowly, watch where you put your feet and keep looking for any movement at all. You will probably not see an entire deer, you'll see a leg move or an ear twitch or an antler reflect sunlight. Take a few slow steps and stop, look with binoculars at all your surroundings including behind you! Deer have a way of coming around behind you at times.
You are probably best off sitting on stand until you are too bored. Pick a spot where your outline is broken up by trees or brush and make any moves slowly. Use those binoculars! If you are in a tree stand make sure you are harnessed in. I have a friend who works with paraplegics and quadriplegics some of whom have fallen out of tree stands. In all cases, be absolutely positive of your target before shooting!
Good luck and welcome to a fantastic sport.

Buckethead47 04-04-2012 12:11 PM

I will add water source too. Be able to identify scrapes and rubs. You will see where deer have been and possibly come back too. If you have nbetween swirl hunting a lot of that carries over. Wash your camo and hunting gear in scentless soap get scentless deoderant. With gun hunting the scent thing is not as big a deal unlike bow. Especially when treating slugs. By the time they smell you either a you did not see them our b you all ready will have a shot off.

mountainman13 04-04-2012 12:22 PM

A scent drag also works well. Take a scent drip whick and tie it to a line that drags about 3 feet behind you. Walk into the wind a ways and then circle back and wait. If you can find their bedding area that also helps. Oh and towards the end of the season they are always hanging towards swampy areas.

dks7895 04-04-2012 12:37 PM

Lots of good advice here. Be careful with all the attractant products out there. Too much of anything can be counter productive. I have had great success using Earthquake mineral attractant from Do some scouting and determine where to put your stand or blind. Clear a 4ft diameter spot near a game trail and dump a bag of Earthquake. Work it into the soil and pour a little water on it. I have a game camera over my spot...and they love the stuff. It's an attractant and helps promote antler growth. Bottom line is you need to find out where they are and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Buckethead47 04-04-2012 03:20 PM

be careful with that. some state may consider that as baiting. baiting is illegal some states.

slim325 04-04-2012 03:22 PM

What state are u in and what type of terrain

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