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hairbear1 07-11-2011 01:53 PM

My week in the Northern Territory on a cull hunt
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Well g/day fellas,I've got back last night from a 5 day 6 night cull hunt in the Northern Territory of Australia.It was a round trip of approximately 7000klms.
I took my 14 yr old son with me as a lesson on how big this country is and to see that the stories I was telling him of pig hunting weren't tales to impress but actual fact.We shot horses,donkeys,wild dogs and pigs and before many of you get rattled about shooting horses and donkeys they are feral pests here and every one shot was used as a bait for pigs.
My young fella(14 yrs old) scored his 1st pigs and had a grin like a split watermelon.There's a few pics to show so I'll show those that are not too bad as I realise some people aren't real keen about shot horses or donkeys been shown but we got a couple of wild dogs and quite a few feral pigs so I'll show them.

The 2nd pic of the pig was the one I shot with my 30/06AI on a M98 action using 165gn GameKings with 61.5gns of AR2209 behind it and the pig my son shot was with a CMC Mountaineer .270 with a 130 gn GameKing using AR2209 at a range of 10 yds on baits consisting of donkey's and horses. The wild dogs are about the size of a Labrador and between the pigs and them they can reduce a horse or donkey carcass to bones in the space of 24hrs if they're hungry enough.
I'll show some of the country we had to hunt in as well.

My best pig to date as far as hooks and grinders are concerned but I buggered up a chance on a razorback that was at least half a shoulder bigger than my best pig because I didn't look where I was putting my feet and crunched a dry gum leaf which sent the mob of pigs into over drive.

I have a few more especially where I had to cross a major river system in my Toyota Prado diesel.The water was actually on my bonnet and this river does have saltwater crocs in it plus Barramundi.
Will post a few more pics and story a bit later,regards

hairbear1 07-11-2011 01:58 PM

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Sorry for the double post of the boar as I'm still a tad tired from the trip home so I'll put up a pic of 1 of the wild dogs I shot with the 30/06AI at about 10 yds plus a pic of a water buffalo that would probably go about 95" across the horns

hairbear1 07-11-2011 03:01 PM

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a bit better pic of how big the hooks are on the pig I shot.The cartridge is a 30/06AI.

dunerunner 07-11-2011 05:19 PM

Thanks for sharing, hairbear! Is that a Cape Buffalo in one of the pics above?? And, what submarine are you drive across the river?

JonM 07-11-2011 05:30 PM

Thats awesome!!

if it werent for the insane gun laws i would so immigrate there!!

orangello 07-11-2011 05:44 PM

That second pic in post one needs a "Th-th-thats All Folks" caption. :D


AusLach 07-11-2011 09:31 PM

Nice work hairbear, the NT is on my wishlist :cool:

The boy will have a hard time replacing those memories, I'm sure. Who did you book through if you don't mind me asking?

Dune, the buff down here are Asiatic Buffalo, bigger in body size and horns than Cape Buffalo. They are in almost plague proportions.

hairbear1 07-11-2011 10:05 PM

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Originally Posted by dunerunner (Post 538923)
Thanks for sharing, hairbear! Is that a Cape Buffalo in one of the pics above?? And, what submarine are you drive across the river?

As Auslach has stated they are a Asiatic water Buffalo.We also have Banteng and Scrub Cattle as well.
I have a pic of a couple of junior Buffalo that my young fella took next to where we were camped.These were a little under weight for the market and so were left behind to fatten up a bit.
The thing with this trip is that it can only be done between March thru to September/October as the Wet season starts and a vast majority of the Northern Territory is either under a couple feet of water or unpassable and a lot of the stations there are isolated for months until the water subsides.Places up there can get 10" of rain in a couple of hours during the Wet.It truly is a magnificent place.
The runoff from the thousands of kilometres of land to the rivers and then to the ocean is phenominal during the Wet and that river(Daly River) during the Wet would be impassable as the water would be over the roof of the car plus I wouldn't be able to get in to there in any case as there's many creek crossings to get through before getting to there.
The station we were hunting on is 90 kilometres in from the main highway on a dirt road and the turn off on the highway is 70 klms North of Katherine.

The 4wd I'm driving is a Toyota Prado 7 seater with a 3.0 litre turbo intercooled diesel.It's a slightly smaller version of the Toyota Landcruiser 4wd.

JonM, yes we do have some bloody stupid gun laws here and believe me a lot of we Aussies are very jealous of your CCW laws there as well as what you can own and shoot :mad:
Mate don't let a few stupid gun laws worry you move down here and we'll show you real beer and tucker :)

Auslach I booked the hunt through Matt Graham at Hunt Australia who's also a Moderator on the hunting forum I'm a member of here in Aussie.The forum is AHN(Australian Hunting Net) if your interested to have a look.

Here's some of the country we hunted in.The little mounds you see are termite nests and a bit further North around Darwin and into Arnhem Land get taller than a car in a lot of places.
The country up there is much like a open parkland type thing as in Africa,regards

hairbear1 07-12-2011 10:42 PM

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A few more pics of the crossing and this 1st vehicle is a Mitsubhshi Pajero 4wd petrol.
The 2nd pic is a Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 litre diesel which was 1 of our vehicles for getting around the bait stations,regards

dunerunner 07-12-2011 10:48 PM

Great pics......Thanks! Almost makes me feel like I'm there!! :D

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