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JLM 11-08-2011 01:46 AM

Large/ Big game advice.
Hey everyone.

Before I post, I`d like to apologise as this post is going to be really similar to my post In the Introduction tread, After reading some of the rules for this Forum, i figured this is probably a more appropriate area to post my request. (I had posted my introduction and questions all at the same time).

Anyhow, I will be getting my firearms license shortly, in order to go hunting with my Father. Im from Whitehorse Yukon and I`m looking for a good rifle to hunt Moose. My old man love his Tikka 30-06 which he purchase 40 years or so ago and it`s the only rifle he will hunt with. This is be my first gun, What im looking for is a gun that will last me a lifetime, something that can be customised, and something I will be able to pass down. What was your first gun? What gun are you most happy with? If you had to do it all over again, what would you buy? My price point at this time is a maximum of 1500$. I`m willing to go over but only if the price difference will make a significant difference in performance. In other words im not willing to go over if all im getting is a nicer finish.

kfox75 11-08-2011 03:01 AM

My fist big game rifle was a sporterized 1903 Springfield mark 1 that was my grandfather's. It is a 30-06, which is a very versitile caliber, that I have used with 220gr handloads to drop elk where they stand and 55 gr sabots on groundhog and coyote at 250 yards. My curent "go to" big game rifle is a 1916 spanish mauser short rifle in 7X57 mm in full military trim, which is currently used for deer and bear here in western NY. Look into the older military rifles that are for sale on the web and in your area. Mosins, Springfields, Mausers, and Enfields all have an aftermarket following, and there are many affordable upgrades that can be done tomake them a nice sporting rifle. With your $1500 budget going this route would leave you more $ for ammo and other hunting needs.

Oh yeah, dont foget to save the old mil. parts, as they do tend to increase the collector's value with an old military weapon.
Good luck on your search and your hunt.

JTJ 11-08-2011 03:41 AM

When I was up in Alaska I had a 308 Norma Magnum. The 300 Winchester Mag was introduced shortly after. It is still a good round. While it is hard to beat a 30-06 for all around versatility and I could still handle the recoil I would look at a 338 Winchester Magnum. I would stay away from exotic calibers and the short mags because of ammo availability. You should easily be able to put a good rifle and good glass together for $1500. That is good not great. You could pay more than that for a scope.

JLM 11-08-2011 03:45 AM

Hey, thanks for the advice, I looked into a few older models a per your suggestion and I was very surprised at how inexpensive they were. I was expecting them to be much more expensive. I will definitely take your advice into consideration, I'v always like older things, I find the build quality of earlier Items to be much better then what iv seen today. I have a lot to learn, such as were would you go to get upgrades? Thanks for your advice. Very helpful. Sadly I hadn't ever consider buying used.

JLM 11-08-2011 03:58 AM

Thanks JTJ.

My budget Is only for the Gun. I have another budgets set a side for the optics and ammo. I still have to do research for the optics, so I don't know how much $$$ I want to set a side for the scope. As I said I have a lot to learn and the reason why I'm looking at 30-06 is because, It's what i know. If you have any suggestions for rounds that would be awesome. A friend of mine suggested going with a 7mm, but i donno enough to make an educated decision. I have done some reading on Caliber but it really doesn't tell you much on Ammunition availability and best application. Thanks again JTJ i will definitely look into the 338 Winchester.


Did a little research on the Winchester 70 sporter. Looks good, seems to have good reviews.

kfox75 11-08-2011 07:13 AM

JLM. Start by checking out army-navy surplus stores and sites. Look for products by advanced technologies . They sell replacement stocks, optics mounts, recoil pads, and bent bolt kits for older milsurp riles. Brownell's, Cabelas, Cheaper Than Dirt, Sportsman's guide, andGander Mountain are some other places to check. Winchester model 70, great rifle with good aftermaket parts available. For me it would be a solid contender, especialy in a colder climate (I have family up in Wasilla, so I have gotten past weather reports:eek:,) I would swap the wood for a high quality synthetic stock. Cold and wet are not wood friendly. As to the scope question, ask the pros at the local gun shop, they know more than I will as I rarely run optics and the scope on my '03 is old enough to collect social security!

Jeepergeo 11-08-2011 02:15 PM

Remington 700...
Remington 700 in 30-06...for your budget, you can get a really nice rifle and a scope to go with it, and a case, and a nice Montana Slip Knot Sling, and a few boxes of ammo and still have money left over to buy some gas to get to the range and to the first hunt with that gun. There might be enough there to get a bit of trigger work too.

Jeepergeo 11-08-2011 02:21 PM

Remington 700...
Remington 700 in 30-06...for your budget, you can get a really nice rifle and a scope to go with it, and a case, and a nice Montana Slip Knot Sling, and a few boxes of ammo and still have money left over to buy some gas to get to the range and to the first hunt with that gun. There might be enough there to get a bit of trigger work too.

JTJ 11-08-2011 02:28 PM

While you are looking check out the Savage 116FCSS. MSRP about $800. Usually found for less.
Savage Arms > Firearms > Browse Models
Then check out SWFA , Optics Planet or even Amazon for scope prices. SWFA has the best search format but always cross check prices. From what I remember of Alaska which was 50 years ago, I would look at scopes in the lower power range. 1-4x or 2-7x with an uncomplicated reticle. There has been a tendency for reticles to become too complicated lately. It is a hunting rifle and you need something you can see and get on target quickly. Scopes for dangerous game come to mind and are built to handle heavy recoil. Trijicon makes some interesting scopes in the 1-4x range. I shot my moose at about 25 yards and never saw any possible shots at more than 80 yards.
When I was up there I gave a homesteader a 303 Enfield and a bunch of ammo. He was trying to borrow a friends rifle and I was only in it for $10. He had enough money for a hunting license and a box of ammo. Since he did not have to buy ammo he bought a hunting license for his very pregnant wife. The Enfield took 2 moose and 4 caribou that year which he desperately needed to survive. He shared some of that meat with a couple of his neighbors as everybody helped each other out. There were no state oil subsidies back then.

JLM 11-08-2011 03:02 PM

Jeepergeo, I was just looking at the Remmingtons 700 VLS. I wont lie, I much prefer the wood finish over the synthetic look. From the reviews I have read online, the Remmingtons have gone downhill, having issues with the trigger and general build isn't quite as nice as it use to be. Regardless Im still keeping the Remmington as an option. Thanks for your advice.

JTJ, Yeah i will check out the the Savage, Actually I will make a list of potential models that i have found, Post them and see what the Verdict is. Thanks again for all your help, You guys have helped me narrow down my search a lot.

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