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dragunovsks 11-04-2008 09:48 PM

Landowner tag
Does anyone know how much land you have to own in order to kill a deer and use a landowner tag? My father-in-law kills a deer or two every year and never buys tags because he owns the land. I only have one acre but the deer are abudant in my neck of the woods and are constantly getting hit by cars in front of my house. I saw 60 deer at once behind the house about a month ago and they have been coming closer and closer to the house every day. Last night there was a 10-point buck less than 30 paces from the corner of the house. I live in Indiana, have tried to get ahold of D.N.R. for a couple of days with no luck.

shnorse 12-15-2008 01:31 AM

i have 80 acres, and if i could get this, that would be cool... no idea on this subject though


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