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Keeping a deer overnight

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I killed a deer after work when I lived in WA. 5 minutes from my house. I gutted the deer in the field. Temps were running around 30 so I hung it and skinned it. We had to go to a neighborhood diner that night and I had to go to work the next day. The weather turned warmer in the afternoon and I thought I would lose the deer. When I got home my wife told me she got worried about the deer and butchered it. Did a good job too. Farm girls are great. Just had our 46th anniversary.
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Default Field dressing deer

this is a exerpt from State Of Alaska Fish & Game sight, wither its late Aug and Sept Alaska we have some pretty warm temps with insects, this is a short bit on game meat in field.

Basics of field care and keeping the meat cool, clean, and dry are emphasized. Meat can quickly spoil unless it is removed from the carcass and allowed to quickly cool - cooling the meat retards spoilage and results in great table fare.

Meat must also be kept clean, and leaves, grass, soil, hair and body fluids must be removed from the meat. This means taking your time during field dressing to pick off foreign matter. Heavy-duty game bags that protect the meat are essential to the field dressing process.

Once the meat is cool and clean, it must also be kept dry. Keeping meat dry on a float trip requires keeping the meat lightly covered in the raft and then hung each night so that it can remain dry. When hunting from a base camp, erect a tarp over the meat bags to protect it from rain or snow.

Insects are often a problem, particularly in the early caribou and moose seasons. According to Field Care, the best way to deal with pesky flies is to spray the meat with a citric acid solution. Food grade citric acid is readily available at pharmacies and feed stores. A protective film is formed on the meat when citric acid is mixed with water and sprayed on the meat. Apparently flies don't like to lay their eggs on the acidic surface. Another excellent tip is to soak the meat bags in the citric acid solution and let them dry before the hunting trip. Even though the solution has dried it remains effective.
Ive seen meat come from the tundra thatd been meat bagged for 3-4 days with ill effects, the outter meat forms a dry shell thtas easily fillet later at processing, Ive received donated meat while at work (trophy hunters cannot freight back a whole moose from Arctic Alaska to St Louis)that meat will keep another day or set your freezer at its warmest setting and throw the quarters,ribs, and other parts in freezer whole, till you get home from work then pull out the semi slushey parts for processing. id=23&issue_id=12
These Dvd's sell for $5 ea
FNH-01289 Processing Game Meat
This DVD offers information on the slaughter and processing of reindeer, lessons that are applicable to moose, caribou and other large game. Sections cover the slaughter and skinning of reindeer, processing and wrapping reindeer meat and removing the leggings for handicrafts. The DVD is aimed at hunters and home processors.

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I know a lot of people tha swear by hanging a deer for 3 days. It tastes like it too. I like to field dress as soon as I shoot it, get it back to camp and take the hide off. The sooner you dehide a deer the easier it is, and better in my opinion. Hose the cavity out with cold water and butcher it as soon as possible. Wrap and freeze. My record time is 2 and 1/2 hours from the time the deer went down, without saws, deboned. 2 people. I couldnt do it now in twice the time.
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I have always hung them with it no higher than 30 except for once when it was in the mid 60's. I put it on the ground and went to the local gas station and got a ton of ice, left most in the bags, and dumped the rest to fill the gaps. Got up twice over night and filled it back up.
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