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nwrednk 10-22-2010 09:28 AM

Jethro is learning!
Jethro my 2 yr old beagle tethered to me has learned to be quiet unless he
encounters another hunter in the field! But , after a few encounters he has
learned to be quiet And not growl at the mystery person!:)

nwrednk 10-23-2010 07:53 AM

Do'h! I may have misplaced this post!
But as long as it is in the hunting forum, how many of you have included your
dog on a hunting trip? This was Jethros 2nd time with me as he is an adult
dog now & did real well tethered to me last year when he was barely over a
year old. (Our first trip into the field he was all "gung-ho"...but, on the walk
back the poor little beag collapsed & had to take a 5 minute nap a 1/4 mile
from my truck)! This past elk season he was able to keep up with me & I
(thought I might be getting old)...but, I am still able to nearly outwalk a
young beagle! Jethro took to resting by the catalitic heater in the r/v as if it
were the fireplace in my home when we watched tv! :)

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