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mightymouse 06-01-2007 04:16 PM

Hunting with SKS or AK47
Does anyone hunt anything with an SKS or AK-47? I was thinking about taking my SKS out to hunt deer here in Georgia this year. It's pretty thick wooded cover around here, I think it would make a pretty good brush gun. Just curious if anyone ever hunts deer or anything else with these rifles?

RONSERESURPLUS 06-07-2007 05:44 PM

Hunting with SKS or AK-47


Here in WV, the 30/30 has been mostly replaced with folks that Use the SKS, Balistics between the 30/30 and the 7.62X39 are pretty close and it works as a brush gun well! My Dad kept one behind his seat after replacing a Model 94 and a marlin 336 with a Norenco SKS! The AK, not near as many, I did see one fellow Hunting PIG on his Property with an Chinese Mac-90! WV has no Magazine requirement, but lots of folks think they do and insert a 10 round mag into the AK, the 10 round mag in the SKS is fine and works well! Not sure whats legal in other states, but I'm sure many others follow the WV model?

Declaration Day 06-07-2007 11:12 PM

I don't own either firearm, but have heard that thier accuracy is a bit lacking.

However, if you can hit your deer with it, he won't know the difference.

RONSERESURPLUS 06-07-2007 11:29 PM

Hunting with SKS OR AK-47
Declaration day/All


Yes, althought not MOA type of rifles, a deer can easly be fetched with either rifle, happens here inWV all the time! Remember in Viet nam and other wars the AK or SKS got Pleanty of our soldiers, if you7 can hit a Man, you can hit a deer, just that simple? LOL

Gearguy10 06-11-2007 03:02 AM

Just take the bayonet off, please!:D

RED 06-11-2007 08:58 PM

My son hunts with his MAC90
He is quite a character, he doesn't care that much about hunting but LOVES to eat venison. He spends a lot of money at the local meat packer on sausage, jerky, spice sticks, etc.

Two years ago he couldn't get off work for the season but he shows up opening day at 3:30 PM. Tells me he is going to stroll down to the woods with his MAC90. About 3:45 we hear Blam, Blam, and 30 seconds later, Blam again. in less than a minute he fired 3, 7.62X39 Win. factory rounds and filled 3 tags, a nice 8 point and 2 does. All one shot clean kills.

I like the 7.62X.39 cartridge so much I am having a a Rem. #7 rebarreled for it. Personally I believe a good Chicom SKS makes an outstanding woods gun for whitetail.;)

Travis White 06-13-2007 01:22 AM

A stock SKS will work for hunting but you can do better than that. All the ones I've shot have had terrible accuracy.

GUNGIRL 06-13-2007 01:38 AM

and remember most states will only allow 5 rd mags for hunting.

stlucian 06-13-2007 08:39 PM

Don't ask Zumbo! LOL

jtoddellis 06-28-2007 01:40 PM

I guess you could say I deer hunt with an AK. Sort of. I use a Saiga .308 and it is deadly accurate. Mine has wood furniture. It is a bit heavy though. I have carried my 7.62x39 a few times but havent shot anything with it. The saigas are a lot more accurate than most AK's. I guess its because they are russian quality instead of romanian junk. For those who say a saiga is not an AK I will post pics later. Mine has AK upper and lower handguards, bayonet lug, threaded front sight base, AK-74 flash hider and ACE folding stock. I would love to kill a big deer with it so I could get a picture of the deer, myself, and my AK in the local newspaper.

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