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Hunting rifle for daughter

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I have been teaching hunter safety for 13 years and I believe that the old model 94s are the most dangerous fireare ever made, beside, they hurt when you shoot them a lot. Hard to practise with a gun that is hurting you. Also, to unload the dang thing you have to jack the lever and run each round through the action, not too safe. Marlin introduced a cross-block safety on their levers so after cocking, the hammer will not hit the firing pin if the hammer slips out of small cold hands. Although the 30-30 round has probably killed more whitetails, rounds such as:7mm-08, 7x57, 25-06, .223 are very suited for whitetails without all the kicks.
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I think an SKS would be a good rifle for a young lady just getting into the hunting world. I'm not just saying that cause I have one and love it, but think about it. They're cheap, not to mention the ammo is also cheap. They have enough power to kill a deer, heck you could kill a chevy engine block if you wanted (trust me I know). The main reason I suggest an SKS is because the recoil isn't that bad, about like a 4-10 shotgun, perfect for a young, female hunter. Plus, if she wants to, there are plenty of aftermarket parts so she can customize it any way she wants. I don't know what everything costs in your neck of the woods, but I got mine for $150, I live in Indiana.
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[QUOTE=hunter Joe;17980]I have been teaching hunter safety for 13 years and I believe that the old model 94s are the most dangerous fireare ever made,

I agree with the Dangerous part and was nearly a victim. I would include the Marlin 336. They may have taken more deer but they have also been involved in the largest number of shooting accidents.
I have severe R.arthritis in my hands and I find it difficult to drop the hammer without it slipping off my thumb. Even if it is into the ground, it is still an accidental discharge. I won,t hunt near a 30-30 lever if I can help it!
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Default Hunting rifel for daughter

I have had 5 30/30's from Winchesters to Marlins, and even a Savage; still own a Winchester Md 94 1926 Vintage, a Marlin SRC 1970 Vintage, and Savage 340. The old Winchester can shoot better than I can see the sights; the Marlin and Savage will do MOA with handloads. Nothing wrong with a 30/30, as far as the sfatey goes there is no retrofit; just have to be careful and keep you thumb on that hammer. Actualy I perfer the older type rifles over the newewr crossbolt, and tang safety models. Recently instructed a "newbee" on the Marlin, he has never fired a rifle before August of this year; he did juts find. Even let him borrow the old SRC, and he was lucky, first kill, droped like a rock; while some others wher still searching fro thier deer; it isn't always about the power; but the shot placement.. Good luck to your daughter; I'm teaching my grandaughter the American art of hunting right now.
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My girls sure like the 243win for caribou hunting up here in Alaska. Bought a 308win for my oldest daughter a few years back, very effective on caribou too. I used a 7mm-08 a few years back, just as good. All have manageable recoil. My daughters, now that they are grown occassionally hunt with their mother's 270win. Best rifle in my opinion for a petite sized young lady would be a 243win. Recoil is very manageable, and younger hunters can easily learn how to shoot this caliber well. I used one off and on now for 31 years. Shot placement and reduced ranges are key to success. Maybe even the 260 remington would be a good candidate too. As for rifles I really like the Remington Model Seven, the Ruger 77 Ultra Light is also a good compact rifle as well as the Browning Micro Hunter. There may even be a Winchester 70 Compact rifle still available either online or from a gunshop.
Great to hear that your daughter enjoys hunting, my 3 daughters sure enjoy their time hunting with me too.

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My daughter shot a .243 for years and killed many deer with it. Last Christmas I bought her a Marlin XL-7 .270. It is a great gun with a great trigger for a decent price. She shoots it well and does not complain about the recoil at all.
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Default Ways to get around the safety on a Marlin 30-30 Lever action

Really If your concerned about the saftey, then ways to get around it are A)to cock the gun and Put your thumb on the hammer and squeeze the trigger, Then SLOWLY let the hammer down. (If you let it down to quickly or it slips the gun WILL fire.) So then when you see a deer all you have to do is pull the hammer back and aim. B) Just dont put a shell in the chamber until your ready to shoot at a deer, While this is slower, louder and the movement may scare the deer, it is aruguably safer than the first method. I personally use method A, But really it depends how your dauther hunts. If she's a Tree stand or a Ground blind kinda person then once you enter your blind, or Get in the stand A is the way to go. But if your a walker, Then B may be the best option because then if you fall it takes more than pulling back the hammer to make the gun dangerous or mis-fire.

Hunt safely and have fun.

I used a 20 gauge shotgun with slugs prior to using my Dad's 30-30. After firing the 20 gauge multiple times (which sorta hurt after the 5th slug...) I found that I no longer felt the recoil of the 30-30. So if recoil becomes a problem to her, If your know anyone with a 20 gauge It might help a bit.

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