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Hunting Rant

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Nothing smaller than a .300 win mag
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Default Tv and hunting

Seems when they do show Hunters downing game they fixate on the trophy more than anything, ya know ther's meat sitting there but all ther interested in is the brow tines or the beard & spurs all that isant all that tastey, I did see the NRA video's and the whiteTail busters that is also featured in them, some these professional deer shooting entertainers had related how they had ther sopnsers get them hunts in 4 different states, bagging over 8 deer, just one guy! and his brothers also hunted in this video, so one family in one year bagged over 20 deer in 4 or more states!

Problem is trying to sell a hunting show featureing everyday guy's makeing everyday hunting mistakes, dealing with everyday problems, butchering the kill later, care and handling the meat? doesent attract sponsers and the big Tv excutives that put on shows.

My guess if it involves money it wouldent really be too realistic.

Its a shame really, I did see some the hunting shows they make me feel kinda Ill in side watching that, no values, the morality of what they do.
The fast lane high speed low drag folks want the instant gratification same goes for there hunting these days I guess when they take off from work they want guarenteed results, its all business these Tv shows in a way are like a amusement park set to Tv.

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Like most things public (TV, Magazines, Internet) there are folks out there who just want to share information and there are folks out there who want to promote something (even if it is only themselves).

I am pretty much happy to let others do whatever they want but I admit I find most of the showmanship a bit untoward. I dont often watch hunting shows, or many other shows for that matter as I gave up on both cable and broadcast TV about 20 years ago and just catch it when I am somewhere other than home.

I find it ironic that those folks who buy all that high $$ camo (and other equipment) are doing it mainly to be seen - "hey look at me I got this cool camo! Hey over here!"

Fortunately, real hunters still exist and real hunting adventures still exist. Some of it may get caught on film I suppose.

Happy Trails!

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Yep, the TV shows push products. We had a similar discussion over at Hunting Chat a week or so ago. How many deer can you really use? There are guys that have 6 to 8 tags in 3 to 4 states. Most of the guys donate the meat to food banks after 3. They also give a large quantity away to friends and relitives. So what is the point of 6 tags? I'd rather shoot a young buck to an old one. They taste better. I usually hunt solo. Track and stalk. My rifles have changed over the last few years. I hunt w/ a 6.5x55 1962 Husqvarna 1600 w/ a 4x32 scope, a 9.3x57 1943 Husqvarna M46a, and a 1981 BLR in .308 w/ a 3-9x40mm scope. I still wear wool, the only cover scent I use is hemlock oil. Now my buddies that carry all these tags have planted food plots, have multiple tree stands, and have every gadget and gizmo out there. Almost all of them shoot a 7600 w/ a high end Leupold scope. I call them Pa machine guns. If you ever have been in Pa on opening day, you'll understand. Hunting is a reflective time for me, not a technology war with nature.
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The bottom line with the hunting shows is to sell products and that's alright with me as long as the hunting program does not turn into one big commercial. It's really gets bad when the narrator starts out by saying; I'm hunting with so and so outfitters wearing real tree camo as I climb into my Ameri-Step ladder stand wearing my Seat of the Pants safety harness shooting a Hoyt bow with Beaman arrows yada yada yada. I really am fast to grab the remote when that $hit starts happening.

I use these hunting shows as a means of escape and I really do enjoy learning about new products. Every once in a while I stumble on a good product via the colored TV set.

I also enjoy watching people like Jim Shocky, Bill Jordan, Micheal Waddel and Lee and Tiffany, especially Tiffany. Shoot straight and Stay Safe, HJ
God, Family, Guns, in that order.
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Originally Posted by hunter Joe View Post
colored TV set.
Oh great, i hear the civil liberties groups coming to bash your choice of words.
Dead Bears, the only good kind.
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Originally Posted by OlPainless View Post
Okay now I know this is going to ruffle some feathers but flame all you want…

Today I was watching some Billy Bob hunting program on the tube and I seriously started to wonder, “What the hell happened to the sport of hunting". After I watched Billy Bob ride his ATV 30 miles to setup his scent traps, tree blinds, decoys, scouting cameras, food plot mixes, etc, etc... put on his "hey look, I’m a tree" camo, screw with his $2000 rifle's $1000 scope, and start using his calls and scent blockers, all I could think to myself was where is the challenge? What are we going to hand down to the next generation? Will they learn hunting skills or should we just take our kids to the store and show them what to buy so they can go bag an animal. In this age of hunting technology I think we need to ask ourselves, Are we really passing down to our children the basic skills of hunting such as stalking, knowing how to hunt the wind, scouting, reading sign, practicing with their equipment to know their limitations, etc…

I haven’t watched a hunting show in quite some time, but it seems to me that they’re mostly about pushing products and showing how many food plots they can plant, so all they have to do is set up in blind on stilts and wait for a deer to come out and shoot it.

Call me old fashioned (I’m 25) but I just seriously think the sport of hunting nowadays is nothing but a joke. Unless you can take your rifle, leave isle 7 from Gander Mtn. at home, and score your meal with nothing but knowledge and patience, you are not a hunter.

If you want to use live animals for simple target practice, fine, but call it what it is.
X2 on the above rant. I live in B.C. Canada, true you can use a tree stand or a blind and you can hunt a farmers field with his permission. On the other hand I have never done that. I strictly spot and stalk all my game. We are not allowed to bait or use electronic calls. I have almost given up on deer hunting as they are so willey and hard to hunt, you got to be Dannel Boone to get up on em. Quite a challenge but I refuse to use the techniques as depitcted on the TV hunting shows, it almost like assisnation, no sport and not very ethical in my books. I got up on a bear the other day about 10 feet ide say. He did not know I were there. That is a lot different than shooten one from a nice safe tree stand ,you are eyeball to eyeball.
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thank you. you hit it on the head
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Default Bear hunting Video

There is a bear hunting video out that is just discusting. It was done on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada. I will not mention the name of the G.O. but if I said the name everybody would know it. Anyway they were a hunten bear. They had dogs, which is ok, no problem there. What I had trouble with was that they were shooten what I would consider, very, very, very, small bears. Why they were almost cubs. The hunters were dragging em out of the bush by their ears for christ sake. Then the moderator pipes up and opens his cake hole and says, "if there brown there down". I wanted to throw up. They shot one cub out of a tree, which was still alive when he hit the ground and the dogs ran up and bit the poor little guy on the balls, ears, snout, etc. again I wanted to throw up. This is the kind of stuff that gives the anties ammo. I do not shoot a bear unless it is clearly an adult, in fact for me I will not shoot one under 6 feet. I am after the rug and the meat. I am looking for that once in a lifetime shooter and nothen else will do.

Cheers & Tighter Groups: Eaglesnester
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Got disgusted and stopped watching the so called "hunting" shows on TV. According to their hype you have must have the latest scent proof clothes, someone's custom made $5,000 rifle with a $2,500 scope, someone's magic bullet that is guaranteed to turn a gut shot into a bang flop 100% of the time, a spiffy new four wheeler to ride right to your stand and a new $50,000truck to haul it all in. Most of the TV "hunters" have their own camera crew.

Yep, I could afford some of that stuff but choose not to buy it because walking is good exercise, less noisy, more productive and just makes more sense. My old Toyota pickup still works just great and my 2003 Polaris has never been used for anything except the recover of downed game animals: Matter of fact, it's not been started this year. Better go and fire it up to keep it limber.

Have a couple of hunting friends who drive their four wheelers right to their deer stands. Then they wonder why they never get a deer or hog.
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