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Jss04k 07-25-2011 12:18 AM

Hunting with a 5.556/223 AR-15
I looking on some advise in the matter of which game I can go after in Florida with a Bushmaster AR15 5.56/223? Its a very standard AR15 with no extras yet but I would also like to know what kind of scope i should be looking at based on the type of game I am hunting. I had heard that boar hunting is possible but I have also heard mixed feelings on using the 5.56 or the 223 to take on boar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


JonM 07-25-2011 12:27 AM

hunting with a 556/223 is all about shot placement. liitle off and the beastie is hightailing it for the next county.

hollowpoints are a strict no go as are vmax or ballistic tip type bullets. you need a solid soft point the heaviest your rifle can handle.

that being said i dont recomend it at all unless your a damn good shot and know the anatomy of the critter your taking a poke at. while the 556/223 is a superb manstopper and an exceedingly excellent sd round, game animals are orders of magnitude tougher than people.

if you relly want to hunt with an AR get a 458socom, 6.8, 450, or 300 upper for your ar hunting needs.

Gatoragn 07-25-2011 12:48 AM

The 5.56 / 223 will kill the majority of the pigs you encounter. But should you encounter a 200 lb plus porker, then a bad shot could lead to a tricky situation if trailing a wounded pig. On a large pig, go for a head shot. Either get a quick kill or a clean miss. If you need to trail a large boar, use a dog. Besides pigs don't bleed like deer and are hard to blood track.

But the 223 will work well on the 75 - 125 eatin' size piggies. My brothers & I took a lot of pigs with 22 magnum FMJ 25 - 30 years ago, but this was mostly to prevent damage to our hay fields and pastures.

alsaqr 07-25-2011 12:49 AM

i've killed dozens of wild hogs with my Ar-15s in 5.56mm/.223 caliber and i've never lost one. Some of those hogs were well over 250 pounds. Hit them in the right place and they bang flop. The bullet i use is the Barnes 53 grain TSX. The .224 TSX also comes in heavier weights.

Barnes Bullets - Barnes TSX

Jss04k 07-25-2011 01:12 AM

What kind of scope do you normally use on your ARs when you are hunting boar? I am looking for something in the $200 or less range.

Gatoragn 07-25-2011 01:22 AM


Originally Posted by Jss04k (Post 549278)
What kind of scope do you normally use on your ARs when you are hunting boar? I am looking for something in the $200 or less range.

I have a Vortex Viper 3x9x40 on my 5.56, just a garden variety hunting scope.

Get the best scope you can afford.

theboarbuster 08-06-2011 03:55 PM

I have killed hundreds of hogs with a 5.56. As long as you do your part it will put them down just fine. I use cheap 62 gr bthp Silver Bear ammo.
I have a Vortex Sparc red dot sight on my AR. All my shots are under 100yards and the red dot sight is all I need.

onenut58 08-27-2011 07:31 PM

There are vidoes on you tube of people shooting hogs with ar rifles.Look to me like they do a pretty good job. Cannot comment though never hunted the creatures and not qualified to have a opinion.But I enjoyed watching the you tube vids and was supprised to see people hunting with Ar on hogs.

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