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orangello 11-25-2009 07:17 PM

How possible/probable is it that a hunter mistook a horse for a deer?
Something happened locally that i don't recall hearing about before. A young man was hunting in a National Forest near where there is a public-access horseback riding trail. He apparently shot two people off their horses within seconds of one another. He is claiming that he mistook the horse for a deer. He did drive the injured people to get medical help. The incident is under investigation, primarily by the MDWFP (game wardens). It is my understanding that the area was approved for hunting, but that he has been cited for "hunting from a public road" for firing from a public dirt road (looked small, one lane, not sure though).

I am not a big-time deer hunter or a regular rider of horses, but i don't think i could confuse a white-tail deer with a horse if for no other reason than sheer size (full grown horses). Am i wrong in thinking this guy may have intended to shoot these people or to shoot "at" their group for some reason?

Poll question is "Is it likely that a person could mistake an adult horse for a white-tail deer (daytime conditions)?"

I plan to update with a link to the news story & any new charges against anyone involved. Update* Link to story in Sun Herald

Dillinger 11-25-2009 07:28 PM

I am going to have to say there is NO WAY a hunter should be shooting at a horse and claiming it was a deer.

And even IF he thought they were deer. How the hell did he hit two people sitting on top of the deer?? I mean, C'mon now. Really?

I call bs on the whole story....

orangello 11-25-2009 07:41 PM

Updated with link to story in newspaper. I'm still not clear on whether they were on the same horse or not. It was buckshot that hit them.

OC357 11-25-2009 07:44 PM

Not at all likely in my opinion.


Walley 11-25-2009 08:14 PM

Over the years I have know of at least six people who have lost horses to idiots that mistook them for deer. One of my close friends lost a show winning Jersey heifer to a hunter shooting from his car. The animal was standing about fifty feet from the owner’s barn and my friend caught the moron trying to load the heifer onto the hood of his car. I raise horses and keep them in the barn during deer season just for that reason.

IGETEVEN 11-25-2009 08:45 PM

The guy is a moron. He apparently did not verify his target and shot at movement. :mad:

Piss poor hunting tactics and skills, IMO. :rolleyes:

Now what? Horses in high visible orange vests for deer season? :confused:

How about this?


orangello 11-25-2009 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by IGETEVEN (Post 190687)
Now what? Horses in high visible orange vests for deer season? :confused:

There was some commentary in a follow-up article about riders wearing orange for safety during hunting season. As far as the horse, i audited a lady who custom monogrammed "coolers" (like a horsey poncho) for show horses; i didn't ask about "safety orange" as a color option.

I did think of one horse shooting during deer season; somebody was spotlighting & popped an old nag belonging to a quasi-relative. IIRC, they paid dude for the horse & apologized.

hunter Joe 11-26-2009 12:36 AM

In the believe it or not section, this happened in Wisconsin a few years back. Some idiot shot the horse right out from under a young girl. It's that if "it's brown it's down" mentality. This gives people tunnel vision so they really forget what hunting is all about.

People should alway remember that is is called hunting and not killing. Harvesting game is just a bonus. (IMO)

Win73 11-26-2009 03:54 AM

I don't know how "likely", that is what percentage of the time it happens, but I can believe about anything could be and in fact probably has been shot by, and I use the term loosely, deer hunters.

One case I personnally know of was a fellow who shot a goat for a deer. This fellow was an experienced deer hunter. And he grew up and lived his whole life in the country.

I also know of a fellow who was hunting with a high school kid. The kid mistook him for a squirrel and shot him.

I have heard or read of mules, cattle, horses and even dogs being shot for deer. And I have seen pictures where farmers have painted "COW" on the side of their cattle during deer season.

I will tell a story on myself now. I once almost shot a cow thinking it was a skunk! How in the world can you mistake a cow for a skunk? Glad you asked that. I will tell you how. I was walking across a field on the family farm. There was a patch of blackberry briars about 20 feet from me. Through a hole in the briars I could see at ground level a stripe of white fur with black fur on each side of it moving around. Through the opening in the briars that is all I could see, white fur and black fur, no body features at all. Well I drew my .357 mag and drew a bead on the white stripe. Now at this point a lot of people would have opened fire. But I wanted to be sure of my target, so I started edging closer. When I got to within about five feet I could see what it was. On the opposite side of the briar patch was a creek bed with about a three foot high bank. One of my brother's cows, a cross between a black angus and a whiteface hereford, was standing in the creek sticking its head over the bank of the creek eating grass. And if I had fired I would have put a .357 slug right between its eyes.

ItsmeShane 11-26-2009 09:42 AM

well I can see this happening. In North Carolina, according to the DNR officers, it is perfectly legal for you to be so drunk that you cant even stand up and be out hunting and nobody can say anything to you until you hurt yourself/someone else, or damage property.

Its sad to say but I can actually see some drunk guy hunting on a farm around here and see a horse through the scope saying "thats a BIG ONE" and shoot it.

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