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Ground hog in a tree?

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Originally Posted by Hookeye View Post
I bet those who are critical of shooters not eating their groundhog kills...................use every bit of edible tissue on any of their kills

Chicken feet, deer kidneys, squirrel brains.... etc.

I grew up on a profitable farm, we didn't eat funky stuff. Striated skeletal muscle tissue only.

But then none of us ever got weird sick either.

Hell, hunting smaller parcel ground for deer, my focus is breaking the shoulders to make sure they stay on my side of the fence. That to some hillbilly purists might be wasteful, why it might even destroy as much meat as what can be found on a whole groundhog carcass.

From what I've seen over the decades is...............most of those who worry about max meat yield are either cheapskates or rarely punch a tag.

I see chucks on my farmer's fields, I blast them. I don't let them escape waiting for only perfect head shots. A .243 puts the hurt on them, and their meat. If somebody wants to eat 'em, fine.

But killing chucks around here used to be serious biz. It wasn't some casual evening of trying to secure a meal.

On a lark, before college classes one day, I made a run to one of my closer spots. Killed 10 in less than 3 hrs. Was pretty warm by noon too. No way I was gonna lug those carcasses from the way back field, in a cooler....................let alone deal with yellow jackets buzzing my knuckles in trying to clean 'em (that freaks me out enough during early goose season- btw, I am deathly allergic to yellow jackets).
Hell, I consider myself a meat hunter, but I always go for a shoulder shot on a running deer. Fastest way to drop 'em when they are at full tilt boogie IMO. I will say that yes, I do save the heart, liver, and kidneys from my kills. those are some of the best parts.

When I get a shot at one that is standing still (only during firearms seasons. Bow is heart lung, or no shot. I would want a clean kill in the animal's position.) I usually take a CNS shot. No wasted meat, and a quick, humane kill. i once got my azz chewed out for shooting a very large 8 point in the temple by ,most of the hunting party I was out with for "Ruining a damn nice trophy". My view on it is this. You can't eat the antlers, so what's the big deal? Said rack is now a set of handles on the kitchen knives at a friend's cabin, that were a 30th anniversary gift for him and his wife. The other sets, from "ruined" head mounts, are being used a rattling racks by family and friends that hunt. i don't call that a waste.

Guns don't kill people. Blood loss and organ failure do.

I may live in the North, but I still uphold the Southern Values I was raised with.

lifetime member. NAHC, NRA, And SCOPE NY

If it's a nice enough day to wash the bike, it's d@mn well also a nice enough day to be riding it instead.
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Originally Posted by jjfuller1 View Post
do you eat the fly's and mosquito's that you kill??
My fish in the aquarium eat the flies

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Ive seen some strange things in the field, Ground hogs in trees Ive heard of but never seen myself. I one caught one of the largest brookies I ever caught in a Connabaire trap, it was delicious! I have eaten Groundhog, better than a wish sandwich, Id rather have tree rats than a fat stinken Woodchuck but they are edible if your hungry enough.

Me and my Best Friend George tried nearly everything we killed at least once, twice if we liked it. Muskrat wasnt so good, nor were coon or Possum but anything is edible if you mix it up enough with other crap. Doves were tasty (look like little turkeys on a cookie sheet, just about a mouthful each), pigeon as well, never tried crow, grackles or blackbirds (Ive eaten plenty of proverbial Crow in my life). Snapping turtle is super yummy for fritters or soup, just gotta let them drain out well before you butcher them. A Bucket of Crawdads and a bunch of fresh frog legs is to die for (especially if your a crayfish or a frog and im around!). Suckers, carp and other garbage fish taste just like their name, I will pass on them unless im starving!

Last but not least, Most parts of a Pine tree are edible you know!!!
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I just breast out my doves, season and brown 'em, serve with mushroom gravy over wild rice.
No likey frog legs but hell yeah on the snapping turtle (fried or in a soup). That is one nasty critter that tastes GREAT (does look like a horror movie when folks clean 'em though).

Miss the Ike's monthly dinner meetings with the old guard, ribs or turtle..........great times.
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A client had one for a pet. It hit in pantry when anyone came. It would open the refrigerator to get apples and the like she placed on the lower shelf. One day, the kitchen door was open and he went exploring, like before. A Neighbor's dog saw him and came after him. The Groundhog went up a little apple tree. When the Dog's Owner came the Groundhog came down and ran up hi leg and onto his back to be rescued from the dog. Scared the Neighbor and he shook hm down. The German Shepard killed him. It was a real friendly animal and well behaved except for digging, which was it's nature. She also had a f Bobcat Persian cross . real intelligent and acted more like a dog. I don't shoot anything unless necessary. i would like some BBQ squirrel this fall.

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