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Funny Hunting Stories....

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My most memorable one was a Christmas eve moose hunt with my dad. We were walking down a path and were getting ready to enter a cutover. As we stepped into the cutover there was a beautiful big bull. I pointed him out about 200 yars away, and as the old man rose the rifle he said "start peeling the onions". Needless to say we had moose heart for Christmas dinner
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Default Flashback...1978

I was still fairly new to Whitetail hunting. I was tagging along w/ a friend, his name was Leslie. All the boys had what could be concidered girls names in his family, I guess his Dad made a concession since they had 4 boys. Anyway, we started to track a large buck through the woods and hay fields of upstate NY. We finally got into a position to see it and as Leslie starts to put a bead on the buck, this little bird start making a racket over our heads and the buck bolts. So after about an hour we catch up to the buck again, same thing, a little bird that is the same type as before starts making a racket. Same outcome. On his 3rd attempt of the morning it happens again. So he shot the bird at about 15 feet w/ a 30.06. We called it a day at that point. I think the bullet weighed more than the bird!
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^^^ LOL snitches get stitches!
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Hey guys sorry if this thread is too old but I cant resist, there's some great stories and I want to relate to you mine.. Before I was born my grandparents had a chicken coop just outside the house yard. One morning after Grandpa went into town, Grandma heard the chooks going crazy and ran out to investigate. What she found was a four foot goanna (not sure if you have these, it's a large lizard) half way through eating all of the eggs.. She ran inside to get Grandpa's rifle and a few bullets and ran back to the coop.

From here we're not entirely sure what happened for reasons that will follow- this is all Grandma remembers but Grandpa has come up with a pretty believable theory after he returned home to find her unconscious on the ground covered in chook and goanna blood.

Grandma grabbed the .303 rifle but only .22LR bullets! She opened the action and chambered a round only to have the whole cartridge slide out the end of the barrel! This was obviously repeated as Grandpa found no less than three .22 bullets on the ground around her. Grandma must've then ran inside again and grabbed the correct calibre bullets.. She ran back outside and lined up the goanna but was obviously not holding the rifle correctly, she pulled the trigger and the recoil must've forced the rifle into her chin which subsequently knocked her out.

Grandpa couldnt help but laugh once he worked out she wasn't seriously injured, with the .22 bullets laying all over the ground and Grandma unconscious in the middle of the chook pen. It was a big price to pay - she managed to knock herself out and kill two chooks in the hope of saving a few eggs!
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AusLach- not a real hunting story, but story of your Granny reminded me of an incident with my Mom when I was a little kid.

One of my uncles had been raising fighting cocks- legal to raise, illegal to fight them. He knew sheriff was looking for his birds, so he had put some in pens in the woods behind my folk's house. Dad was at work, just Mom and us kids- and one of the roosters got loose. Came up to our yard- and spurred my baby sister- about age 6- who ran into the house crying and bleeding.

Mom cleaned up Sis, stopped her crying- and noticed that rooster was out in the front yard, crowing his challenges to the world. She went to the bedroom, picked up Dad's .22 target pistol, walked to the front door, and at 25 yards, one shot, took the head off the rooster.

She walked back, phoned Dad at work, and told him, "Call your brother, and tell him he is having chicken for dinner."
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Default Well last year was...

Jethros first hunt with me & for a barely over one year old beagle...He had
the stamina to walk into the woods tethered to my belt by about a 4 foot
leash & learned very quickly to move/stalk as I did. But the poor little guy
only made it 3/4's of the way back before he had to "pass-out" for about
5 minutes for a nap to get back to my truck for lunch! He turned 2 yrs old
on 7 september & is now a very muscular adult male that is "ready for any-
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Default Poor Bunny

Now that is funny

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Ha, seeing that reminds me of a story. Some buddies and I were out hunting pheasant. Had one take off in front of me, that it turned out I only winged. Snow had just fallen, so tracking this bird should be easy right. We all followed the blood trail for what seemed forever. We had finally given up looking when one of my buddies says: "Here is a feather." Kicked at it with his boot and this pheasant comes tearing out of the bush. We all three leveled our shotguns at this bird and fired one round each. We saw an object fly up into the air and fall back down. We got to searching through the sage brush and found a jack rabbit just completely shot up. We eventually found the pheasant just a few yards away.

I couldn't help but think of what was going through that bunnys mind as the bird took off running...

"Ok, they don't see me, this is gonna be okay....Oh dang, what are you doing bird, you are gonna get us both killed" LOL
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The rabbit spot lighting story made me remember my first try at it. I had been seeing rabbits crossing the back roads everytime I took my girl friend home. So I figured I would take home some nice ingredients for rabbit stew. Sure enough my headlights picked up a bunny along the roadside. Moving over to the far right side of the gravel road I could see him still sitting there. So I rolled my drivers side window about halfway down and propped my shotgun on it and let fly a shot. At the blast that just about blew my ears out I was immediately peppered with glass which did a number on my face and arms. And what the broken window missed the shotgun finished. It came back fast and right into my shoulder, bouncing off to hit my jaw and knocked loose a tooth. The rabbit. I think he died laughing.
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The only real comical story I have is one of my first times hunting without pops by my side at about 11 or 12 years old. I was sitting next to a tree and about 30 yards away it looked like someone was hanging from a tree. I sat their frozen with the bead of the gun nailed to it for about an hour while looking around for "who hung them" until the fog lifted and I realized it was a branch that fell from the tree and was stuck on a vine.
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