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Funny Hunting Stories....

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Default coon hunt

Memry loss, that was't no flock of Quail, I think the Word would be COVEY. No Matter it still Scared the CRAP out of me. Wills in da Swamp in La. ONE Shot One Kill.
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Well, second year of deer hunting, I still had no luck at ten minutes to go on the last day. Then a hear alot of noise behind me on the left side. (I'm a left handed shooter). So I looked behind me and there were 8 monster does 50 yards from my stand. But no matter how hard I tried, i couldn't draw a bead on them because of the tree and my harness. Diddnt get my first deer till last year. :/
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This isn't my story, But I thought it was Funny. Its the Story of a Friend's Grandson's first Kill.
My Friends Grandson Denny. Went hunting for his first time, For his first Kill he wanted to get a buck so he could mount it. They Head out to their stand and sit all day. No deer. They walk back to their truck and Denny saw a 8 point. So he Grabs his 30-06 and Lays on the Trucks hood, Lines up his scope and Pulls off a PERFECT SHOT! But No deer fall, No Blood. When they get back to their Truck, Denny figures out what he killed. He calls to his dad to come see. His First Kill was.... The ENGINE BLOCK of their truck!
My friend said He told his Grandson to Mount that Hood In the Oak tree of their front yard.
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Default whirley

I always wanted to go hunting. All during WW2 there was no adult available to take me. Finally, hostilities ended, my cousins came home and one was sent to bring me up to deer country in north central Pa. We wore whatever winter clothes we had, with big red patches of cloth pinned on front and back. We were going to hunt a new area. 6 by 10 miles, all private land accessible only by walking. Left the house at 2 AM, arrived there just at daylight over snow covered roads. We were armed with a winchester 32 special, my 12 gauge single barrel Iver Jhnson shotgun, then a 20 gauge single shotgun, both with rifled slugs, then a war souvenir 9mm Krag-Jorgenson and a winchester US rifle model 1917 in 30/06. Parked the car, stowed our lunches and ammunition and off we went following abandoned railroad tracks as instructed. Met three local kids dragging a buck, they only had two shells, killed the deer and were out of ammo. We resupplied them, we had plenty. Found the 40 foot gasline right of way, and turned into what was to a city boy like me, "Trackless Wilderness". Being the greenhorn, I stayed in the rear with my uncle and his .32 special. Of course, I had put one rifled slug into the shotgun, then closed the cartridge box neatly and put it deep into my pants pocket. My two oldest cousins with the 30/06 and 9mm rifles were about 300 yards ahead, then following about 100 yards behind was another cousin my age. He'd been hunting since he was 12 and had several rabbit and coon hounds. The land is typical Allegheny Plateau. Rolling hills but not much change in elevation. As we topped a rise, I heard two shots off to my left. My uncle said, "Pay attention, you might get to see some deer. A few minutes later a ten point buck and a doe suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I wanted my uncle to get a shot with his rifle, so I whispered, "Uncle Paul, there's a buck and a doe. Then I shot. Naturally, I missed, however I had whispered so loud that my cousins 300 yards away heard me. The deer started to run, leaping over brush and logs. I had missed once, my uncle missed twice, a hunter appeared from nowhere with a Model 14 .35 cal. Remington. He missed 6 times, shotgun cousin missed twice, then two rifles each shot once. The buck was down. Two bullet holes about an inch apart. That was December 1945. A nice ten point mounted deer head hangs in my camp today. There's only two of us left, but the phrase "Uncle Paul, there's a buck and a doe", still brings chuckles and happy memories of deer hunting years ago in Pennsylvania.
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When I was about 16 I was out with a couple of my friends. We were all a bunch of idiots. I can't believe we are still alive today. We were hunting rabbits. We certainly should not have been. Just 3 teenagers with no adults and no licenses. Somehow the guy that was driving, (we were all standing next to the car) Sees a rabbit a takes a really fast shot...right through the drivers side window of his own car! Yea, the window was up! That's why they make people take hunter education classes these days.
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Hey whirley, thank you for sharing that one, most excellent IMHO. That was in the spirit of Gene Hill's writing style. I felt as I was there with you because your story felt so familiar. Joe
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Originally Posted by hunter Joe View Post
Hey whirley, thank you for sharing that one, most excellent IMHO.
AGREED! that was beautiful.
Dead Bears, the only good kind.
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Originally Posted by Rick1967 View Post
When I was about 16 I was out with a couple of my friends. We were all a bunch of idiots. I can't believe we are still alive today. We were hunting rabbits. We certainly should not have been. Just 3 teenagers with no adults and no licenses. Somehow the guy that was driving, (we were all standing next to the car) Sees a rabbit a takes a really fast shot...right through the drivers side window of his own car! Yea, the window was up! That's why they make people take hunter education classes these days.
instant classic !
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i got 2 that we all still talk about.

first, i was 13 years old, was my 2nd or 3rd year hunting and used a youth model winchester 20ga pump and rifled slugs. my dad was in the hospital so my uncle was the one who took me that year. first 2 days we took a couple loooong loooong shots at a buck but that was it, it was basically like lobbing morters at it. so sunday comes, sit in our spots and nothing all morning... it was wet and cold and i was miserable. Uncle walks over to me and says lets go get breakfast and maybe we'll come back out.... but lets just drive by that thicket and see... so were driving and looking and boom... theres the biggest rack ive ever seen sticking outta the thicket about 300 yards away. so we stop, and uncle says you go here and ill go up here, he will have to run to one of us..... so we walk down and we need to jump a fence (it was my families property, just an old cattle fence). uncle get over... and dumbass me i get a broken fence post... but do i move to another?? lol nope! i struggled and finally got over! Uncle takes a shot and misses, the big buck along with a big doe come right at me! about 10 yards away they see me and vere off a little, so full run 10 yards from me i throw all 3 slugs at the buck..... watch him jump the fence and keep running...... at about 100 yards out... he just drops like like a house was dropped on him! check him out, 1 wound right at the shoulder and is the size of a 20ga. its a massive dear, im lookin at it all pumped up and shout "I'm gonna mount that ****er!" my uncle was just gettin ready to gut it, stops and steps back and tells me "go ahead, hes still warm!" lol we still joke about that, but yes the head is still hanging at my dads house, was a 10 pointer that field dressed at 235 lbs.... only thing close to that size ive gotten since was a massive doe that dressed at 200.

second one, im 16 and typical high schooler i like to stay up late. dad tries waking me up at 4..... i dont get up. then 4:30.....i dont get up. 5:15.... i dont get up.... the rest of the hunting party shows up at the house and ask, hey ya gonna wake him up? dad says "screw him, i tried 3 times, if he cant get up he cant hunt!" well just as they leave i finally wake up and realise oh crap i gotta get out there!!!! it was now just before 6am and sun was just barely peeking over the horizon. my spot was only about 120 yards from the house on a fence line seperating a soy bean field and a corn field. i set up between a few trees right on the corner. first standing..... then soon crouching... to soon sitting and then had my gun (same 20ga) laying across my lap and my hands pulled up into my sleeves. i was kinda drifting off sitting there and something caught the corner of my eye... i turn and heres a yearling button buck 5 feet from me staring at me! so i sit perfectly still... not even blinking..... and a second one comes up behind him, i think ok odds just got better... and then 8 more come into view no more then 20 yards from me! i musta flinched as the first 2 bolted and the rest just kinda started to trot. so i picked one in the group, shot, and it dropped. the herd really started booking then, and had no other shot to take. so i got the deer in the back of a pick up (that was comedy in itself gettin that thing in there alone) went inside and watched tv, and it was only 7am. about 8 am dad comes home cuz he had to do something, sees me watching tv and starts bitchin at me for not getting up and going out.... i asked "You done? cuz check the back of the green truck...." lol i was told i was full of **** and all that and dad goes out and looks and laughed his ass off! twas only a button buck, but i was the only one in the party to get a deer that year!

those are the best ones i got, sorry for the length but are great memories of mine! hope you enjoyed.

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Well, SORT of a hunting story. My Mom passed away when I was a youngster. I was grown when my Dad remarried- nice lady from back in the hills of SW Virginia. I had just come home on leave from the Army- Dad said he and stepmom needed to go up to her Granny's place for a couple of days to pick up some papers, find some stored items, see a friend or two- would I like to come along?

Had never met any of her folks, but I like the mountains- a day of two would be nice. Dad mentioned that Granny was having trouble with a groundhog tearing up her garden, so I slipped my .220 Swift in the trunk. We made the drive, arrived late on a Friday evening, and went straight to bed- country folks turn in early, up early.

Now, somehow, some way, nobody had thought to mention to me that Granny was a devout member of the 7th Day Adventist Church. So I am fat, dumb, and happy. Get up early the next morning, wander down to the kitchen. Granny asked if I was hungry (young Airborne E-5, weighed less than my boots, of COURSE I was hungry!) Asked if there was any chance of some ham and eggs? Granny turned a little green, and said she had no meat in the house. (Adventists are vegetarians)

I said thats OK- A cup of coffee would be great, tho. A bit greener- we have no coffee here (Adventists do not drink coffee)

Being totally clueless, I lit a Marlboro, and mentioned something about it being a bit early to start drinking. (Adventists- no alcohol)

I was rousted out of the kitchen- had no idea where I had stepped wrong, but was certain I had. Standing outside, noted a large garden, and- remembering what Dad has said about the groundhog- decided to redeem myself with the .220. Found a spot to stake out the pea patch.

Within about 30 minutes, a fat and sassy ground hog comes out of the fence line, and is making his way up the row of blackeyed peas, checking out his breakfast. Took up the slack on the trigger, and was rewarded with a dramatic departure (vertically) of the groundhog, about 150 meters downrange. And the echo of that .220 ROLLING off the mountainside.

Followed within one minute by Granny. Coming through the garden. Tomato plants were getting OUT of her way. Ummm- in case you missed it- I did- Adventists go to church on Saturday. Here I was shooting on the Sabbath.

We left that afternoon. I have never been back. Still afraid to.
What we have here is... failure- to communicate.
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