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UnderFire 02-05-2010 02:55 AM

Funny Hunting Stories....
I looked through the past 3 pages and didn't see a "Hunting Stories" thread.
So I'm hoping it hasn't been done yet.
Tell your hunting stories...

In '08's fall gobbler season I'm hunting with my friend...
We have our decoys out and my friend is using his caller. He's pretty good with it. We are using the brush as a blind. We wait and wait and wait. A Tom comes into view about 100 yards from us. My friend keeps calling him and calling him and calling him. The Tom doesn't want to come toward the decoys. My friend keeps calling him and calling him and calling him...and calling him.......and calling him. The Tom won't come into range. He won't even attempt to come our way. My friend keeps calling him and calling him and calling him...and calling him...and calling him- nothing.

So we decide to give up...we stand up out of the brush. All of a sudden the Tom takes off running towards us for about 15 yards then stops turns and runs into brush and is gone. My friend & I look at each other and shrug our shoulders.

What's one of your stories?

Davyboy 02-05-2010 06:09 PM

Whilst out shootng evening incoming duck with my brother in failing light I took a left and a right, watched the right land almost at my feet turned to see the left one heading for the back of my brothers head "duck" I shouted he quickly turned around and it hit him square in the face breaking his nose. He,s never been shooting since claiming dangerous bloody things ducks. That was 35 years ago

hunter Joe 02-05-2010 06:32 PM

I started turkey hunting back in 93 so I have at least one good story for each year. This is the very first.

The season runs from Wednesday though Sunday in Wisconsin and used to close at noon. Normally you are lucky to draw one week.

That first year I blew every set-up that week. Kept trying to close the distance on hot birds instead of staying put and letting them come to me.

Saturday night I drove the 150 miles back home and a picked up my wife so she could go along on Sunday morning. Spending time in the woods with my wife is always quality time.

We got out long before light and snuggled together by a large oak tree. I brought along a large piece of camo cloth to cover my wife up with, real comfy like.

About 8 AM I had a thunder chicken shaken the leaves on the trees and closing the distance fast. Gun at the ready and all I needed was another 20 yards and then my baby started snoring real loud like.

I woke her up and told her I really enjoyed our time together in the woods that morning but I thought that we might as well go get breakfast and head home as I didn't expect that there would be much else happening the rest of the morning.

There are 20 million stories in the turkey wood and this has been just one of them.

orangello 02-05-2010 06:40 PM

When i was a youngster, some less scrupulous quasi-relatives would take me spotlighting for rabbits (no deer, i swear). I thought this was great fun at the time and didn't realize the deep dip we would be in explaining ourselves to the ranger were we to be caught.

That said, we did have some funny moments. The best, in retrospect, was the moment that broke me of spotlighting rabbits for good, or at least so far. I stopped to water a bush & upon picking up my shotgun & flipping on my headlamp i saw a pair of shiny eyes not 4 feet from my feet. Since i was sure the only people around were behind me, i swung the shotty over & blasted the shiny's. A strange smell engulfed me for a few moments as i realized i had just shot not a rabbit, but a skunk, in the rear. I then realized the liquid skunkiness was all over my clothes & the stock of the gun (ALL over me, hat too i bleve). When my quasi-relatives managed to both breath clean air and stop laughing (20 feet away at least), they informed me that we were too close to the trail to leave the late skunk & that i would have to move it. I got the remains with a branch & deposited them in a nearby creek, much to the dismay of a slap-happy beaver.

I haven't hunted with a light since. :o I think if those who violate hunting regs were hosed with skunk scent, most would surely repent their foul deeds & go forth better hunters.

wolfdog 02-07-2010 09:34 PM

Only funny story I have about turkey hunting(I have quite a few about deer hunting). I was set up in a blown down tree and had a pair of hen dekes set up in a little clearing about 30 yards infront of me. I did a few clucks and a pair of Jakes came out and were showing off for the fake ladies. I was watching the show for about ten minutes when the loudest gobble I ever heard came form right beside me. Ole big beard was about 4 feet to my right, he had come that close without me seeing him,or him seeing me both looking at the jakes. Needless to say we were both shocked at our closeness.And of course he vamossed and I had to wait awhile for my heart rate to settle down.

UnderFire 02-07-2010 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by wolfdog (Post 226220)
Only funny story I have about turkey hunting(I have quite a few about deer hunting).

Your story is a funny one indeed. :D
This topic isn't just limited to funny turkey hunting stories, but all funny hunting stories in general. I just started with a turkey story because it was the one that came to mind the quickest. So please tell one of your funny deer hunting stories.

With all the hunters on this board I thought this would be a big success. :confused:

wolfdog 02-07-2010 11:03 PM

Okay, how about the time in upstate New York. We had got about 2 feet of snow over night, and had white out conditons untell about 9 am. About 10 I figure the deer are all laid up in the area we called the big pines, so I take the 4 wheeler over and park on the edge of a hay field, goning to walk back down the trail I just came in on and start still hunting up the slope into the pines. Just as I round the corner a nice buck steps out on the trail I just came down about 40 yards away. I throw up and think I have a good sight on him and pow! He rears up, tucks his tail and halls but into the hedgerow down slope from the trail. I have shot a few deer and this one acted like he was hit hard, so I figure he is as good as mine, so I go back to the 4 wheeler, light a smoke and pour a cup of coffee out of the thermos. Let him setle down for about 15 minutes, then goning to go trail him. I get to where he was when I shot and there is hair all over but no blood. Thats okay I have shot deer before that didn't drop any blood at first, so I start to trail him, I trail him all day, and never a sign of blood. I find where he bedded down, no sign of blood, no sign of breaking stride, found where he fed. no nothing. Confused I give up at dark, then we had some melt that night so when I went back the next morning I could not pick his trail back up. I don't have any idea how I could have missed and stil had all that hair on the snow. About 3 days later I was talking to the guy who had the property adjoining where I was hunting. He had dropped a nice 6 that morning and thught it was very strange that he had a strip of hair gone about 3/8 of an inch wide across his chest.

UnderFire 02-08-2010 12:05 AM

wolfdog, Good One ^^ definitely made me laugh. :)

Listen to this...

I'm hunting deer with a couple of friends. The day before we scout where we want to be. Early the next morning we go and setup before the sun comes up. About 6:50A.M. I see a 8 pointer, oh about 40 to 50 yards away from my stand. I slowly draw my rifle and KAPOW!!. The buck jumps up kicks his rear legs and runs off in the woods. I'm thinking, "yeah he won't make it far." So I wait 20 mins. so that he won't spook and lay down. As I'm waiting one of my friends comes up. We talk about the shot and I show him the blood on the ground. Now it's time to track the buck. We keep following the blood trail and following the blood trail....we come up to a swamp, we cross the swamp, the blood trail stops. :confused: We look for prints or anything else that will help-nothing. We must of tracked that buck/blood trail for 400yrds into the woods. So we're at camp that night talking about the event and another one of my friends starts to call me "wounded knee". :o He says "you must of shot him in the knee that's why there wasn't any blood on the other side of the swamp." Until this day when they want to ribb me they call me "wounded knee". :(

c3shooter 02-08-2010 12:54 AM

Years back, hunting with an old LEO friend. We got out early to our new hunting spot I had picked. Figured we would sit in the cab of the truck for a couple of minutes, dig out the thermos, have a cup of coffee before starting out. I mentioned to partner this looked like a really good area for deer. Joking, he said "Bet there is not a buck within 5 miles of here."


That was a six point buck running full tilt into partner's door. Now laying on the ground.

Partner looked at me, without a pause, said "But I could be wrong."

crossfire 02-08-2010 02:20 AM

My wife's supervisor (a woman) invited my wife and I to a "semi-formal" dinner with other co-workers. When we arrived, I noticed the woman's husband had a cast on his right arm, but neither my wife nor I mentioned anything about it. During dinner, the man complained about the cast hampering his ability to eat. Now mind you, here we are with seven other couples; at least one of each couple works with the lady of the house. My wife asked the obvious question "How did you hurt yourself?" The man hesitated and his wife responded that he had injured himself hunting.
"A hunting accident?" my wife asked.
"Yes", the woman replied, "He fell out of a tree on a quail hunt."
Four other men besides myself nearly choked ourselves on our drinks.

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