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Longnkrnch 07-26-2011 10:01 PM

Do it yourself Elk hunting
Can any one give me advise on "DIY" elk hunting? Where, when, etc. I am not getting any younger and would love to elk hunt just once before I check out. And, I can't afford one of those high dollar guided hunts.

hiwall 07-26-2011 11:38 PM

I think Colorado still has over-the-counter non-resident license. Otherwise you have to apply about 10 months or so in advance for a license and your odds of getting a license varies a lot with the hunting area and state. Self-guided hunts are very do-able. I've done many with excellent results. Get maps showing land ownership first to see where you can hunt that is public land(make sure there is access). Call the wildlife dept. in the state you wish to hunt for info. Apply for license and if you draw one then go shoot your elk. After your elk is on the ground decide how you are going to transport it to your truck. Cook and eat elk.

powg 07-27-2011 05:38 PM

diy elk
As a native east texan ....Carthage ..not far from you ...greetings Ive been on 2 diy elk hunts . First get a hunter safety course( required ). My hunts (first rifle season )were in colo. on public land out of glenwood springs . This is what I did . Just outside of gleenwood springs is a ski lodge ...(ski sunlight) .Next to ski sunlight is brettleburg lodge ...rooms/condos etc .very resonable weekly prices .. spilt cost with buddiies ,fully furnished just bring food ,get an over the counter non resident lic. in town . leave lodge drive up into national forest (White river) (biggest elk herd in colo ) good roads 4x4 only had factory tires . Hunt anywhere above a place called'' Haystack ''gate and Baylor park . There are several open/grassy meadows near the top of each ''mini ''peak ..hunt these areas in evenings only ,because elk will already be there before daylight ....spook city ...never see them again . hunt trails ,drainages ,saddles ,and where the terrain changes from qhakies (aspens )to blowdowns ...dead timber /dark timber as the elk will leave the meadows before daylight to bed ... in the mornings only .Rule 1( wind ) thermals this time of year are crazy . Rule 2 follow small creeks up to find wallows/ small beaver ponds in dry weather next to small satillite meadows , with thick cover/ dark timber surrounding it , get set up down wind of meadow at about 3:00pm sit til dark .....Ive killed 2 bulls a 5x5 and a 5x4 using these methods in only 2 trips .... find and read " hunt elk" by jim zumbo its a basic play by play manual . more info needed call me (903) 693 3067 home ....903 692 0014 cell ..good luck

Longnkrnch 07-28-2011 07:12 PM

Thanks, posh
Best info I have gotten. Trying to get my bro in law convinced on a trip next year. Sounds like a relatively low impact hunt. Good cause I ain't Gettin any younger. Thanks for the detailed info. Your right we,re not far apart. I am just east of Shrvport, bossier.

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