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Jeehs 10-04-2009 06:34 AM

Coyote Problem
I have recently moved to a small rural town, Waynesboro, Tn. Tonight my parnets and I were outside and we heard Cyotoes howling, Not just a pack but several packs. My mom said she saw one, claiming it was the size of a large German Shepard, heading in the general direction of our house a few days ago. I have a small dog, a Toychusmanser terrier (However its spelled), and I am obviously conserned about his well-being. The Terrian is Hilly, with some very thick foliage, I'm a 13 year-old (Gonna be 14 in a month) I'm about 120lbs and am about 5'5''. I was wondering what gun would be the best to kill a cyotoe from these guns. Without Breaking my shoulder or my butt perferably...

A Winchester 30-30 Lever action rifle, A 870 Express Magnum 12 gauge shotgun with any of the 3 basic Loads ( Birdshot, Buckshot, or a slug), a Russian Makarov 9mm, a Semi-Auto .22 with Hollowpoints, a single-shot .410 bore shotgun with 2 of the basic loads (Bird shot or a slug) or a Kar98k (I really dont think thats a good idea...)

The typical range would vary between 15-100yds (75-100yds in a flat,Grassy field.)

I thought the 12 Gauge with Buckshot would be the best, I just wanted a more expirenced opinion, and I don't care about hide I just want them dead.

Thank you for your help,

jeepcreep927 10-04-2009 12:13 PM

Coyotes vary in size from around 30 pounds to close to 50 and rarely a bit heavier here in the way north east. Anything bigger than that is either not a coyote, or a freak of a coyote.

If you're looking to hunt them, there's a fair amount to learn about coyote hunting. Chance encounters offering a shot are relatively rare. For merely keeping them away from your domestic animals should they come looking, the 12 guage with buckshot would be ideal.

The only really productive way to hunt them to the extent that you actually make a dent in the population (which is difficult) is to call them. That in itself is somewhat of an art form. Given the terrain you mentioned, I would still go with the 12 guage and buckshot out to maybe 30 yards. If you are doing sets in an open area, by all means grab that Mauser! The best coyote gun is the one that kills them.

You might want to check out for more info. There is so much there it's mind numbing.

Good luck.

cpttango30 10-04-2009 01:12 PM

You should get yourself an electronic caller. You can get some cheaper ones that work ok for $20 to $50. If you want to see some tecniques and have the outdoor channel look for the show predator quest these guys are crazy good. Also look at getting Calling all Coyotes by Randy Anderson who is hands down the best coyote caller in the world.

I would check and see if you can shoot them over a bait pile. If you can get some old rotten meat and make a big pile than sit back from it 20 or 30 yards and wait. They will come.

For ammo I would go with buck shot at no more than 30 yards and use a tighter choke if you can. The best stuff out there for yotes is Hevi shot dead coyote. I have seen it used to get them at 75 yards with a full choke. HEVI-Shot Dead Coyote Shotshells

Jeehs 10-04-2009 03:52 PM

Thanks for your help. I mentioned some of your suggestions to my dad this morning, and Sadly he lost the chokes so it's on full choke. I also had another idea that may work, I wanted to see if you guys think it would. Our house is bulit on a hill, and We have a long,clear line of sight on a flat,Grassy area. Do you think I could bait the cyotoes to this position, then take a shot at them with the Mauser or 30-30 (We have full metal jacket and Hollow point for the 30-30.) Its a longer distance ranging from 100yds-200yds. But I think the mausers larger bullet could make up for that if I had a decent scope and had it ranged for about 150 yds? And IF that is a good way, what would you suggest baiting them with? Possibly I could get a distress call too.
Thanks again,

jeepcreep927 10-04-2009 04:43 PM

The lighter loads for 8mm would be great for killing right there. As far as bait goes, anything dead will work. Hit up some farms for dead calfs/lambs etc. Or check with DNR or Fish and Game about picking up road kill. Just be advised if you bait them and don't kill them, alot of them, you're giving them another viable excuse to come around.

dunerunner 10-04-2009 05:37 PM

Be sure to check with your Fish and Game Dept about taking coyote. Keep your little dog in the house or on a leash. Coyote are generally afraid of humans and attacks are rare, but they do happen.

I had a rabid coyote chase my car like a lost dog one afternoon. I would try to get a shot at the closest range possible and the Mauser or 30/30 would be just fine with hollow points between 50 and 100 yards.

stalkingbear 10-04-2009 05:49 PM

I'd try a decoy & calls before resorting to bait-save it as a last resort. You can get inexpensive mouth calls so that you can have 2-3 different sounds. Use dead coyote loads in your 12 ga as the cpttango suggested for out to about 40-45 yards. Number 4 buckshot would work too. Do you have a SAFE backstop behind where you're going to be rifle shooting? As you know, a rifle bullet can go a LONGGG way if discharged in an unsafe direction or if ricochet. The thing to remember is if you don't get them with the 1st shot, they'll then become instantly educated and you'll possibly not have a clear shot at them again.

davemccarthy707 10-04-2009 08:42 PM

Kitten in a cage will draw them like moths to a flame. Also get a cheap doggy squeak toy at wally world and pull the little white "squeaker" out of the middle blow into it, it sounds exactly like the 45 dollar predator call you buy in the sporting goods store.

30-30remchester 10-05-2009 01:09 AM

I have shot alot of coyotes over the years but only 2 with a shotgun so I cant attest to its effeciency on the little " prairie wolf ". However I have called quite a few, but have had poor luck in baiting coyotes. The only time I could bait a coyote was when the snow was too hard for coyotes get mice that live under the snow. Somethings about calling, first you will probably only call in one or two at the most. Coyotes are the most intelligent animals next to man on the continent. Once they hear a call and a shot they will quit coming to a call. Either the 30-30 or 8mm will do fine at 100 yards.

camooutlaw 11-09-2009 09:20 PM

I hate to do this,but this is a public forum and as sportsman and outdoorsman we should not give the anti's and the tree huggers any more reasons to try to shutdown the sport that we love so that said DO NOT USE A KITTIN IN A CAGE although it works (very well) it is agianst the law in most states and is considered animal cruelity,it can be costly to fight an animal cruelity charge in court I know from experience.By the way I really have no use for cats of any kind it just looks bad on predator hunter because trust me the media won't make you look good if you are bust,stick to calling baiting with dead animals will draw in more than just the loal coyote you'll get skunks,opossums,raccoons and buzzards..sorry for the ranting but we hunter should speack up when we see one of our brotherhood doing something that makes us look bad..

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