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hairbear1 12-17-2011 01:36 PM

Busting a few foxes
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My young fella and I went out to 1 of his mate's place last Tuesday night to re educate 2 foxes on why you don't chew on people's shoes and while your there eat the family dog's dinner as an entree.

The night started out badly as we had just loaded up the 4wd ute and was just loading the 3 guns(Stirling.22 mag,REM788 .222 and a Stevens .223) when my young fell's mate points out a fox about 100yds away from the house chewing on a lamb's leg that the farmer had left for his dog.
I grabbed the Stevens .223, lined up on the fox's shoulder and sent a 55gn V-Max on it's way and completely missed.

"How did I miss that?" I thought and copped a bagging from my 15yr old son and his mate. I went through the shot in my mind and couldn't work out what went wrong and then it hit me,dopey me in my haste to get a solid rest using the bipod had put the barrel on the tray of the 4wd causing the shot to go who knows where and educating 1 fox.

Anyway we headed off spotlighting and in the space of 4 hours we saw another 8 foxes of which I dropped 5 with my REM788 .222 and my young fella nailed another 3 with his Stevens .223 nearly all head or chest shot except for 1 young fox that wasn't too keen on sitting around after I dropped 1 of his relations about 1 minute before hand.I hit him in the boiler room while he was on the run and the 50gn PMC soft point projectile was a little bit harsh to say the least.

My young bloke had a crack at 1 fox about 80yds away and drilled him between the eyes with the end result looking like the fox had punter's eyes,1 each way.Those 55gn V-Max's are just brutal on fox's heads and definately aren't for skins if your after them.

It was getting close to midnight and we were heading back to the farm house when just as we drove through the gate to the house there under the kid's trampoline was the fox we were after.

The cunning bugger took off through the sheep yards towards the open paddocks so we spun around and took off down the road and turned into another driveway at the back of the house and there crossing the track was the fox we had just seen.

The fox made it into some long grass next to the track so the farmer turned a hard right up this bit of a hill behind the house which gave us a perfect angle into the next paddock and there in the light was the fox sitting there looking at us.The young fella lined up and rushed his shot and missed but the sound of the shot seemed to confuse the fox and I give him a quick whistle and he stopped and propped again and the young fella was ready and drove a 55gn V-Max into his chest which dropped him on the spot.
Turned out to be a fairly good night with my young fella and his mate knocking a couple of rabbits and a Hare off with the .22 magnum as well.

All but 1 of these foxes were this years cubs with the last fox being an adult so they were both dumb and curious at the same time.
Most were shot within 50 yards of the spotlight with 1 fox I hit in the head with the resulting frontal lobotomy not a very pretty sight,regards

hairbear1 12-17-2011 01:40 PM

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A couple more pics of some busted foxes,regards

fmj 12-17-2011 01:49 PM

That'll learn 'em!

Sounds like an EXCELLENT night out roaming!

TheHunter100 12-18-2011 02:02 AM

Where do you hunt never been fox hunting and what do you do with them

Marlinman 12-18-2011 02:09 AM

Thats an awesome night man. Those pics would have been awesome on my varmint thread also.

God didnt make all men equal colonel sam colt did

hairbear1 12-18-2011 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by TheHunter100 (Post 654589)
Where do you hunt never been fox hunting and what do you do with them

G/day mate I live in rural New South Wales Australia and they were taken off 1 of my son's mate's parents place about 10 minutes from home.
As to what we do with them well at the moment it's Summer here so we just leave them where they fell as we're doing the farmer and the enviroment a favour by dropping them. During Winter we used to shoot them for their skins as we were getting upto $50+ for them till the animal molesters got in and made such a stink about cruelty to animals that the skin prices dropped to almost nothing so now we just drop them for the hell of it to help the farmers out especially at lambing time,regards

winds-of-change 12-18-2011 10:09 AM

I'm a wuss. Those pictures grossed me out. :(

jjfuller1 12-18-2011 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by winds-of-change (Post 654743)
I'm a wuss. Those pictures grossed me out. :(

nah, those pic could have been cleaned up.. when ever my family takes hunting pics we always try to make them as easy on the eyes as possible. it looks nicer and also doesnt give anti hunters any ammunition to use against us

hairbear1 12-24-2011 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by jjfuller1 (Post 654766)
nah, those pic could have been cleaned up.. when ever my family takes hunting pics we always try to make them as easy on the eyes as possible. it looks nicer and also doesnt give anti hunters any ammunition to use against us

Mate,no matter whether you clean up the pics or not the anti's will still use these pics against us.
Why bow down to these pathetic soft asses who refuse to accept that in real life animals die whether it be by a bullet or arrow or eaten alive by predators. Walt Disney has a lot to answer for giving animals "feelings like humans".
The real world is often a cruel place in the animal world and wrapping our kids in cotton wool and trying to make it a "Nirvana" type world is a crock of dog's turds.
By trying to make our chosen hobby a "sanitised" thing so that nobody's feelings are hurt so that they don't have to spend 6 months at therapy after seeing such things we are in fact kowtowing to the anti's.

This is a hunting and shooting forum and pics of animals with bits and pieces missing is a given.It's not a Animal Libber's therapy board and a bullet to the brain,shoulder etc resulting in a quick exit off this world is a better option than getting chased and eaten alive by some predator.

Sorry for the rant but I make no apologies for what I hunt or fish for as it's either to put meat on the table or eradicate some feral pest,I enjoy it and like my dad and his dad I've passed this on to my son and I'm not going to give it away easily just because some skirt wearing Nazi can't handle reality.

By the way a Merry Xmas to 1 and all and a prosperous and barrel burning New Year to all,regards

jpattersonnh 12-25-2011 06:33 PM

Fox are tough. When you skin them, do you take the pelt off as a tube? I use a .22mag or .17hmr here. Easier on the pelts. Northern Coyotes here don't bring much anymore. All canine pelts here need to be tubes, no spliting down the belly. Just peel them like a banana. In the spring and summer we just pile them in a field and let the crows, hawks, and turkey vulchers have a feast.

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