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Bullet technology has come a long way since I was a 10 yr old hunting Starlings and Sparrows in mum and dad's back yard with my Baikel .177 air rifle.

I've got a collection of Aussie shooting magazines that I started to read and collect from age 13 and the range of bullets from then to now is huge if not confusing at times.

I've had a good run out of a number of ammo maker's products like Sierra, Hornady, Winchester, Highland, PMC, Federal and most have done well just being a matter of what my rifles have liked at the time.

When I shot my 1st Fallow Deer with my 30/06AI(100 yds) it was with a 165gn Nosler BT and while it was devastating and worked if it had been on 1 of our Sambar Deer which is a more heavily bodied than a Fallow I would've lost it because I would've needed a more heavily constructed projectile like a Woodleigh,Barnes or 1 of those more heavily constructed and controlled expansion projectile in the 180gn+ range.

The same with our pigs as a lot are shot coming off a dam covered in mud or have a very heavy thick pads on their shoulders/chest area and something like a .222/.223 is going to struggle with trying to get through a 1" of mud and then try and bust up lungs and heart but with a good .30 calibre projectile it's not as big a problem.

The same problem occurs with animals like our Asiatic Water Buffalo in our Northern Territory.
These critters can weigh up over a ton in some cases and although a lot have been shot with .308's,.303's and a lot of these smaller calibres a recommended calibre is a big .30 cal as a starter like a .338 or better and a minimum of a 300gn pill as these buff can absorb a lot of lead and I've personally seen 1 particular bull shot at 50yds in the shoulder area with .375 RUM 300gn pill take off and the hunter in question emptied his mag into it(another 3 shots I think) before it had run another 100yds and finally dropped.

The 1st projectile was recovered under the skin on the opposite shoulder and had expanded well but it also had to get through a lot of gristle and bone before it got into the vitals.

Just a couple of pics of the Deer and the recovered 165gn BT plus the damage to the rib cage area from the BT and the recovered 300gn .375 pill and the bull it was removed from.

The hunter in the pic is a Texan can't remember his name(Jim I think) but a nice bloke and so was his mate.
The spread of the horns was 101" a good trophy.
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I have killed deer easily with my mini-14 shooting 65gr. Sierra Gameking handloads. I have also killed deer with a Mosin Nagant shooting S&B 174gr Matchking ammunition. In both cases I was completely surprised at how well both did their job. Not what I normally use but good to know that both the 223 and a matchking bullet can kill deer sized game.
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The key to bullets is what shoots good in your gun. I think as far as picking a caliber some are just too small, I like .30 caliber. I have two .308's and two 300 Win Mags. The guns that have magazines are limited to a shorter overall bullet/case length because it has to fit in the mag. I have a Browning BAR in 300 that will shoot 1.5" groups at 200 yds with a 180gr Hornady round nose bullet. I load these bullets to the length of the magazine. The bullet has a BC of .273 and it drops like a rock but it is accurate. The key is to hit the game where you want and not so much with the bullet you think you want. You need to try as much ammo as you can and find what is accurate in your rifle so you can place the bullet where you want. If you hit it in the lungs with a Sierra Matchking it dies.
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2 black bears, 3 elk, (1 cow, two bulls) 1 small mule deer buck and close to 200 whitetails I have harvested so far. Calibers are 30-30, .270, 6.5x55, .308, .220 swift, .243, 30-06, .22 rimfire, .223, .45 & .50 caliber muzzleloaders so far. My sons and friends have tripled that over the years. This excludes a bunch of bow kills. Other than the .22 they all killed deer pretty much the same when we hit them in the boiler room. They either dropped right on the spot or ran less than 50 yds. and fell over dead. What have I come to use the most nowdays? The .270 with the old 130 grain silvertips and the 6.5x55 with 140 grain bullets. Any gun a good gun if you shoot them right. Not a fan of super bullets. They cost more for no real gain.
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Some high end premium bullets do in fact provide more consistent levels of penetration, but truth be told in anything large then a 243 that equates to penetration overkill on deer sized game, my favorite hunting bullet to date are the fast expanding Sierra Game King and Nosler Ballistic tip, neither one is bonded or mono-metal construction, but they both hit deer like a freight train, even in my .264 and .270 calibers penetration has been more then adequate.
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I hunt deer with a cheap rifle at 25 yards, so cheap bullet or high end bullet, they're all the same to me.
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