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CptMaF69 11-18-2013 01:59 AM

bad evening at the greenfield
sitting on a greenfield for 5 hours and nothing worth shooting, as i started to pull off my face camo 2 bucks saunter out into the greenfield......both nice bucks...i wait and watch....finnaly they go about grazing on the grass and line up for a 2 in one trusty mossburg 500 AT loaded with remington sluggers 2 3/4 inch...i level off and squeeze one off ! both deer drop to the ground.....the farthest one gets up and runs into the i pull off my hat and light a cig giving the buck time to bleed out....i drag the first 6 point over to my truck and load him up. i leave my fannypack in the truck and take only my shotgun and some ammo with me incase i need to finish him off if hes not mortaly wounded, i track him into a rough patch of woods as it got darker....then i find him dead. by this time it has gotten pretty dark and i am having trouble seeing, so i grab my 2nd buck 8 point and start dragging him in the direction i think my truck is....HA ! little did i know i was going deeper into the woods all on 5000 private acres. by this time i cant see my hand in front of my face....ok i messed up by leaving my gear in my truck. no biggie, i figure i'll just hunker down under a nice fir tree until first light.....well it starts to sprinkle rain a doesnt stop and im staying pretty dry under my tree , then i hear the first coyote howl...great i think to myself as im huddled up with my deer.....i start hearing more and more howling .....**** it's a whole pack of them furry scavengers.....closer and closer they get.....i load my shotgun to the gills sitting and waiting for them to come, i hear splashes as they rush the creek next to me.....i stand up and start pumping out the rounds i hear a couple yelps as they get hit then i have one on my leg , i but stroked him and got him off my leg and my shotgun falls to the ground from it being wet from the rain......i grab it up and it jams on me , i jump in the creek and submerge my mossburg into the creek and try to wash the sand out the action....i reload and wait for the second round of attack , here they come again......i start shooting blindly again and drive them back, the rest of the night i sit and listen to them pace me until morning......that morning when the sun came up i had 5 dead coyotes and 2 rounds left along and my hunting knife.....i trudge out of the woods with my pride scuffed up for being ill prepared and putting myself into a bad situation without proper gear.......i never drop my gear now until i am ready to actually leave. this all happened in lynn alabama off hwy 5, if you anything about this area you know it's desolate and rough country.

nchunt101 11-18-2013 01:55 PM

Good thing chupacabra didn't get you the Marlin Man.

GTX63 11-18-2013 02:12 PM

Will that be going to DVD anytime soon?

CptMaF69 11-21-2013 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by nchunt101 (Post 1434721)
Good thing chupacabra didn't get you the Marlin Man.

i think the chupacabra is a little farther south.....mexico

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