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JonM 12-09-2010 04:16 AM

458 socom & bushmaster m4 5.56 vs whitetail
the socom today did an admiral job but the nikon monarch african was disapointing. it refused to maintain zero and drifted some 6 inches to the right. the deer i shot today was 92 yards poi was just in the upper lung area resulting in a 65 yard run by the deer. poa was shoulder. confirmed zero error by shooting it afterwards. i think im going to rescope it with a better optic. i cant have it shifting zero like that just from riding around setting yote snares all day in a four wheeler.

my bud used his m4 bushmaster loaded with 55grain sierra softpoints i made for him. he hit the shoulder bullet went through the deer. nice exit wound some 2 inches dia. it ran 25 yards before keeling over. classic deer kill. bullet was not recovered in the deer. no signs of fragmentation.

gonna use the remington 700 xcr compact 308 for the rest of the hunt. got some speer grandslams to try out.

Badshot320 12-09-2010 05:21 AM

After making an adjustment you gotta beat on that stock! 2 more shots not 1 to make sure that scope has actually moved/settled in. Even competition shooters put another round into their sighter target after making an adjustment with a 1000$ scope. Not saying you made this mistake , but did you?

JonM 12-10-2010 01:59 AM

nah i didnt. three shot string 100yds .85 inch group 6 inches left of poa. works well long as its not a bumpy ride all day ina four wheeler. im pretty rough with my hunting guns bouncing around and such. im gonna rescope it with either a nightforce or leupold 9x lightweight.

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