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Spicygumbo 01-11-2010 04:56 AM

.45 ammo for hogs?
Hi Folks,
My friend is a bow hunter down here in Florida, and I am going with him with my Kimber. I'm thinking about Hornady +P hollow point personal defense ammo. Any thoughts?

spittinfire 01-11-2010 11:25 AM

Hey gumbo, glad to have you here. Help us all out and stop by the intro area and let us know a little bit about yourself. As for your question...

Is a 45acp the only pistol you have available? I love my 45s but against hogs it wouldn't be my first choice. I personally would be reaching for one of my 357 Mags or my 44 Mag if the hogs are big in that area.

If I had to use a 45 auto I think I would go with ball ammo. A hog is tough and I want something that is going to penetrate deep. If someone made a 45acp soft point that would expand a little bit, that would be my chioce but to my knowledge it doesn't exist. I would carry ball but that is only if I have no other weapon to pick from.

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