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JonM 01-07-2011 02:47 AM

308 semi fail (graphic pics)
ok a month ago i went hunting in south texas and had failure with a 168grn speer soft point. it went in at the shoulder and ended up under skin on the opposite side under the skin on the rear haunch. deer was standing 90 degree broadside about 75 yards.

everything looks good deer ran about 75 yards.

took the following pics after skinning. this is the entry much bigger than i expected.

this the exit wound. top is where it left gut area. the small red spot near the bottom is where the bullet lodged under the skin. it never broke the skin at the exit.

total meat loss from that nastiness was very minimal. the shot pretty much took a left turn after entering the torso it vaporized the heart and lungs. from the outside you cant tell what happened.

powg 01-07-2011 03:50 AM

what failed ? dead deer in back of truck ..think it back guess is the millisecond your brain said take that deer ,just as you squeezed off she were focused on the croosshairs on deer hair ..shoulder ..she just turned man happens. you did your job ..good shot ,bullet did its..she had to have turned because if she was broadside... straight through big exit hole ..she turned hence straight to opposite side ham expelling all its energy in the process traveling through 3 feet of deer instead of 1 ft of deer. what did bullet look like ..nice scroom? if so didnt frag ..thats what not a forensic expert but i play one at deer camp

JonM 01-07-2011 04:06 AM

no it didnt turn. it was head down when i took the shot. the bullet just did something funky. it was an almost classic mushroom but slightly lopsided. i call it fail cuz it wasnt as clean as it shoulda been. it was the first deer i ever shot with a 308. every other deer ive shot has been with a 45cal 350 grn bullet between 1900-2600 fps. none of those ever went more than 10 yards from the initial instinct leap. most drop where they stand.

powg 01-07-2011 06:01 AM

what is the gun /optics ...looks cool ..i hunt with a .308 ..killed 4 deer in nov 3 bucks 1 doe ...winchester power max 150 's my rifle is the rem 7600 pump tacticalized with ar style stock

JonM 01-07-2011 03:49 PM

nice deer count. i got 4 doe total.

its a remington 700 xcr compact tactical with remingtons 40x trigger the scope is a leupold 4.5x14 mark4 M1 mildot on a 20moa cant base. its a lot of fun to shoot. mostly its a range rifle i took it on the hunt in case i had trouble with my 458socom. i couldnt keep the nikon monarch on my socom zeroed so i ended up using the xcr.

in the past ive always used my winchester mod 70 in 458winmag loaded to 45-70 levels. i shoulda brought that one as backup since im used to it and know it works.

next year ill have a nightforce on the socom.

powg 01-07-2011 11:11 PM

wish list
im hopeing to get a new savage .308 flcp-k a lefty ..will be the first ever bolt gun for me .....if the funds are there.... my harley needs a thunderheader

JonM 01-08-2011 01:11 AM

ive heard nothing but good about savage rifles of late dont have one myself.

JonM 01-08-2011 01:17 AM

ive heard nothing but good about savage rifles of late dont have one myself.

Phelenwolf 01-10-2011 01:39 AM

DUDE, have a deer in the truck is not any type of failure. It is a very good day.

Nice buck. :D

JonM 01-10-2011 02:09 AM

its a doe :) there was a nice 10 point standing right next to it. i leave the horns for those that are into trophies. scares the hell out of the bucks when i zap their doe. i hunt for the meat and keep the doe population from going out of control. i was just upset with the bullet performance.

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