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is .270 too much?

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.270 is fine but a .30-06 is better. You can use ammo from 110gr. to 220gr. that will handle any animal in the USA.
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Originally Posted by firehammer View Post
What's the availability of this round? Is it going to be as readily available as a .243 or .270win?
Well, the 25-06 is a standard rifle chambering that I see more of nowadays than I did, say, back in the 80's. It's usually on the shelves of the larger gunshops; but, you're right, most of the guys I know who shoot this caliber are all reloaders with more than amply supplies.

The bullet is actually .257" diameter (based on the old 257 Roberts - an excellent deer cartridge in its own right!) The old range officer who sometimes reloads for me has the same opinion of the 25-06 as does robocop10mm; and, I know he's hunted with it out West where - if my memory's OK - he's taken both mulies and elk.

Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
I personally don't have a problem with the recoil on the .270. I'm not a small guy, and I built mine with a Bell & Carlson stock, a Pachmayer Decelerator pad, along with some other custom parts. I don't know the exact weight, but I am guessing it's not more than 10 or 12 pounds, loaded with optics. It's a hunting style field gun. Semi thin barrel, but not the pencil thin variants that are popular on "hike in" guns.

I wouldn't consider the .270 to be punishing, personally. You mileage may vary.
I don't have a problem with 270 recoil either - That's not really what I meant to imply. It's only after your 4th or 5th trip to the sight-in range on the same day that the wisdom of using this cartridge begins to come into question. Most of my life I hunted with the same 30-06 or 12 gauge slug gun.

Occasionally someone will show off his: 35 Whelen, or 257 Roberts, or 7mm Magnum, or 25-06 to me. All nice deer rifles and great range conversation pieces, too; but, the only other rifle chambering I've ever (sort of) hankered for is either the 35 Whelen or the 45-70 Government.

These rounds should definitely be worth the recoil in anyone's book!

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I've hunted deer and wild hogs in Georgia with a .270 for the last 16 years. The places we hunt give us shots that sound very similar to what you're talking about. I've shot them at ranges from 10 feet up to about 175 yards. My dad and grandpa have taken shots out past 300 yards. It does the job as well as anyone would need. There is a reason I'm using the same rifle for as long as I have. I haven't seen anything that will do what I need better than what I have. There isn't any need for you to still bring the shotgun to the woods. Shoot 130 grain power points and get it zeroed about an inch high at 100 yards. You will need to make a little adjustment for the closer shots, but it will be pretty close to right on at 200 yards. Don't fall for the BS about all of the different bullets, just stick with a plain old 130 grain soft nose. You don't need ballistic tips or any of that other crap. Deer are fairly easy to kill.
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My dad fed us with his bolt action .270 when we were kids. It would take at least 2 deer and an elk each season. He ran open sights, took shots at >50 yards and rarely if ever had to do much tracking.
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Default thanx for the help

Just wanted to say thanx for the help fellas. I appreciate the help & opinions. After all the feedback on both the .270 & .25-06 I think I am going to go for the .25-06. It'll have enough a*s behind it for the hunting I plan on doing in the near future. It'll also give me an excuse to buy another rifle in a larger caliber later on if I actually get to do some hunting out west or in the great White North. And I also may be able to get my wife to shoot the smaller caliber!
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As this is only your first rifle any of the listed choices will work fine. Fortunately we have a big selection of suitable rounds. I would tend to agree with Water Man on the 30-06. With the right round, you can shoot anything from chipmunks to water buffalo. For north American game, .270, 25-06, 7mm and a long list of others will do fine.

Good luck with your new firearm.
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Default 270

I grew up hunting north Miss.(Holly Springs) hardwoods and wouldn't have traded my 30-30 for anything. My dad hunted with a 270 and killed many deer with it across open cotten and bean fields. While I still hunt with the old 30-30 here in Middle Tenn., I wouldn't trade my Browning BAR(Belgium) 30-06, with a Leopold VX-I. I hunt power lines from time to time. I take my Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. for a close shot, my farthest shot with my 06 is 278 yrds(thank god for rangefinders) she went about 10 feet after it hit her (we can shoot 3 does a day here). I'm not gonna knock a 270, it's a good round, but I love my 06 and my 44. That's just my opinion and we all know what opinions are like. Thanks for letting me speak my mind, R.Lowe357
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Just a quick comment on the .25-06. Some have said it may not be enough for the mulies and elk out west. I disagree! Both my dad and my brother have shot the .25-06 for the last 30+ years and have taken many mulies (we have very few whitetails in Utah) at ranges up to about 350 yards or so. Loaded properly, it will do anything that the .270 will do. I consider it light for bull elk, but my brother has taken several cow elk with his at up to about 200 yards with 120gr Partitions.

Personally, I prefer the 30-06 for my big-game shooting. It will handle the mulies out to any distance I can reliably hit a target at and is plenty for the biggest bull elk and moose anywhere in the continent.

For varmints and smaller big game (pronghorn and mulies), the 6mm Remington is tough to beat as well and is very close in ballistics to the 25-06 (.244 vs .257 diameter projectiles)
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Ok the 270 and 25-06 are the same except for bullet diameter. Both are based on the 30-06 case.

I have shot all three and the 25-06 has the least amount of recoil then the 270 then the 30-06.

You can take anything up to elk with any of the three if you know your game and pick your shot right. So why are any of these three not enough rifle for deer? I think some of you guys would hunt deer with a damn howitzer if it were legal. What was used before all these fancy cartridges came out? muzzle loaders with round lead balls. So if a gun can kill a deer with a round lead ball poking along at 1/2 or 1/3 the speed of a 25-06 why can't it kill a deer?

With the bullets on the market today and the powders on the market I think an elk with a 25-06 is easy. they use the 6.5x55mm swed on elk and moose in Europe why not here? To many people in the USA think BIGGER IS BETTER. Seen a guy once had a 338 weatherby mag with a 8-32x50mm scope on it for deer hunting. I asked him why such a big scope on that rifle he said because it can kill an elephant at 1,000 yards one shot DRT (Dear Right There). I then asked him about the deer he just shot in Central Texas he shot him at 55 yards and it dressed out at 80# had a hole in the one side big enough for your fist wasted about 5# of an 80# white tail.

The 22lr can kill deer it has been done many a times. Know your game and know your gun and you can do it. Just like the 223 rem if it can kill a 250# man why can't it kill a 250# deer? Use the right combo or gun, bullet and shooter you would be amazed at what you can do with something.

I am really surprised that some one has not told the OP to go and get a 300 wsm or something stupid like that.

Some need to face the fact that the 25-06 and 270 win will kill any deer in this country.

270 WIN 140 GR SST

25-06 REM 117 GR SST
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With a heavy weight bullet (117-120) made of the proper toughness (Win. CT, Barnes, etc.) the .25-06 is perfectly appropriate for Elk. Shot placement becomes more critical as it lacks the mass of a .30-06 to penetrate through heavy shoulder bones.

I agree there is a tendancy amongst the American hunters to shoot bigger, faster (magnum) rifles when they are not neccessary. Kind of like the guy who has the F-350 Super Duty Diesel pickup and never gets it dirty, much less puts a load of anything heavier than a few trays of annual flowers in the bed (and those probably get put in the back seat on a plastic tarp to keep the glove leather "King Ranch Edition" seats from getting dirty).
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