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fa35jsf 08-10-2012 06:14 AM

Smallbore competitions in or around Oklahoma
Hello everyone. I am the team captain of my Naval ROTC's Rifle/Pistol team at college. We shoot .22LR rifles and pistols. Our official league I guess is in the NCAA but I am looking for any competitions in or close to Oklahoma that our team could participate in for this next school year. So far we have only been able to have one competition a year with other ROTC schools. As you can imagine just having one competition can really be a bummer. The last competition we shot in our rifle team took 1st place out of more than 40 other teams. It was real exciting.
So if anyone knows of any competitions we can get in on please reply. Also postals are great (where the host mails the targets and you shoot them and mail them back to be scored and ranked).

Ram Rod 08-14-2012 02:39 PM

Well, you didn't say what part of Oklahoma you're in. Check
Old Fort Gun Club. Located in Barling, AR (east Ft Smith). They hold two matches a month on silhouette and they shoot metrics. I shot silhouette for several years with a club that's no longer around, but that was NRA standard. Anyway.......look up the match director for the small bore. I am a member of OFCG, and don't quote me on this...but I believe any scheduled matches are open to the public now. If you need more information than what's available on their website, I'll help you any way I can.

fa35jsf 08-14-2012 06:04 PM

Thanks. Central Oklahoma but we have traveled as far as Colorado and Tennessee for competitions.

kansas45 09-04-2012 01:51 AM

Search for Ponca City OK Gun Club or send them a Email
They have some .22 stuff going on over there, but I'm not sure that it is what you are looking for.

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