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Lindenwood 08-07-2011 08:43 PM

First time competing with my Raging Bull!
Overall, it was a blast. I stayed around afterword and we did a supplemental revolver-only shoot. Two shooters taking out 5 steel targets each. I really need to work on slowing down, because I might have been fastest (among the ~10 revolver shooters there) if I didn't keep missing (yes, it does sound stupid to read that sentence to myself :P ). There were actually several runs where both shooters would run out of ammo before finishing the course. But, that is what this is about; learning to maintain solid technique and focus under pressure.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my best run on film. Interestingly enough, I did by FAR the best on my first run, with 18 shots on 17 targets (6 two-shot silhouettes and a 5-shot swinging star). I was surprised I only missed one shot on the rotating star. Most of those were A-zone hits also. I honestly think that I was so nervous on the first run that I just slowed down and focused hard on the basics. After the first run, I got a little more comfortable and started rushing. Here are a couple of the other ones.

[Just copying the Youtube descriptions]:
The run called for 18 shots and thus two reloads for me. The third shot of my run was what felt like about a half-powder charge (either 5.6 or 7.6gr, as opposed to 13.2gr of powder, depending on how I made the mistake in loading). Having then become distracted by the bad load (my own reloads), my first thought when I actually DID empty the cylinder was that it was somehow a dud, so I went to just pull the trigger again. Sigh. But, other than forgetting I didn't have a 20-round cylinder, and botching both reloads (didn't hit the ejector rod hard enough and you can see me pulling the empty cases out) the run turned out pretty well with mostly A-zone hits. (And yes, that is me laughing :P ). If there is anything I take from this, it will be that if it doesn't go bang when I pull the trigger, just reload! That and, of course, keep track of my shots as best I can.

On this one, while I do specifically remember keeping the front sight in focus, I think I was forgetting to actually line it up with the rear sight :P . Thus, I had several misses this run. Just need to slow down! I would have saved probably 5 seconds (largely by omitting that last reload) by taking an extra quarter second to aim correctly on each shot.

Here, I just rushed. Five targets with six shots, and I missed two. The funny thing is I didn't even realize there was a target still standing until after a few people bellowed that nobody won! Definitely a couple lessons to be learned here: Don't let yourself get rushed, and don't stop shooting til the target's down(!!!!).

All runs were done with 200gr bullets @ 1500fps, out of my 8-3/8" .44 Magnum Raging Bull.

Lindenwood 08-07-2011 11:08 PM

Annoyingly, I think I list one of my speedloader pouches and a loader sometime between the end of the match and when I was unpacking my stuff at home :/ . Either the dogs wandered off with it, or it fell out of my bag at the range. But, I guess it's only a $20 booboo so it isn't the worst thing that could have happened, heh.

Lindenwood 08-10-2011 05:34 PM

Hey, I placed 22 out of 40! apparently I'm only 27% as good as the top shooter, though, hahaha. though, even the 5th place guy only got 49% of the top score, and 3rd place was 72%. The top two shooters were 99 and, obviously, 100%. So really, I don't feel so bad about my score relative to the majority!

I wish I could get bonus points for using magnum loads :P .

canebrake 08-10-2011 05:49 PM

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First time out? Ya did good!

You are at a real disadvantage using that hand cannon but if you can afford it, and get it dialed-in, I pity the fool that decides to rub you the wrong way.

My only suggestion is one you already know; relax and slow down.

Slower = fast.

(PS remember it's a six shooter. You will always need to reload after it goes bang six times. :o)

Great job Lindenwood!

Lindenwood 08-10-2011 06:27 PM

Haha thanks! Yeah I reload so it costs about 8.50 per 50 rounds, so not too bad! Yeah I really need to get used to counting the shots not counting the targets. I've never accounted for misses in training, so I was always used to figuring "if I shoot 6 times, I've doubled-tapped 3 targets" and never considered that I might have missed or, hell, that the target didn't go down like I'd expected! I think I'll invest in some smaller reactive targets so that I can get used to missing under stress, and having to go back for them.

IGETEVEN 08-10-2011 09:43 PM

Once you master that wheel cannon, a semi handgun will be a walk in the park to shoot, drop/loading a mag and often times, more rounds to shoot. Good job! :D

Lindenwood 08-11-2011 02:00 AM

Thanks! I hope you're right, lol. I'd like a G20 one of these days, but probably only if I can get a 6" long-slide setup for it. 180gr @ 1400fps with 16 rounds on tap sounds quite nice, heh. Otherwise I'll just get a G34 and call it good. Though, as you can see, I do tend to favor the larger handguns for general purposes (my primary CCW is the Bull, heh). But, it will probably be a while before I move on, as I'm trying to buy a house next summer so I've been avoiding big purchase when I can :) .

But, I've got a lot to work on so hopefully I can only get better!
Thanks again.

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