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RiflesOnly 05-02-2012 10:06 PM

2012 Bushnell Brawl ~ Huge Thanks
My apologies for just now getting this out, it has been non-stop after the Bushnell Brawl. First we want to thank all of those who made this competition happen. James and Kenny worked along side of us for months prepping for this event. Thanks for the long hours that you all put in. I think the range reflected all the hard work. Lindy, Tony, April, John, Winn, Miles, Cody, Jay, Brian, Chris, Todd, Nick, James, and the Bravo 18 guys….this competition would not have run safely without all of you. Thanks for volunteering your time to help us out. All of you are a pleasure to work with!

The crew at Bushnell….what can we say? WOW! As a company, you completely showed your support for shooters. When you guys contacted us about putting this event on for you we were honored…to say the least. Thank you for believing in us and letting us put on an amazing event in your name. We truly look forward to working with you all more as well as continuing to help this sport grow. The Bushnell tactical line is simply outstanding! Your crew sets a standard that is something to be proud of. Another big Thanks to NRA Sport. This was a sanctioned NRA event. NRA sport bags were given to all the competitors that had NRA hats, mugs, a multipurpose tool, knife sharpener, and flashlights among a few other items. Surefire also gave gift bags to all the competitors. Surefire has been a major sponsor of Rifles Only events for some time now! No question do they support this community time and time again. They will also be working with NCPPRC this fall on another major competition! I also have to put in thanks to Scott at Vortex as he provided a couple of tripods used at the match. They also donated to the prize table. It goes to show that 2 competing companies can still work together for a great outcome. All the support has been more than anybody could ask for!

Jacob and I also have to say a few words to our military guys that were here. By far this was the biggest turnout that we have had down here at Rifles Only for a competition. We are honored to have each and every one of you here. To have you guys’ shooting beside some of the greatest rifle shooters is just amazing. What you all do is far more important than these competitions. To be able to provide a little bit of fun and a little bit of training is a privilege that is indescribable. I think we can speak for all of the competitors that were here when we say, “thanks to you and your families for all that you do”. Rifles Only will help you out in any way that we can!

For all of those who participated in Demo Day, thank you! It keeps getting better every year. We have some great things planned for next year.

There are so many companies that support these events. I know those of you reading this post have seen it 100 times and will see it 100 times more but if you want new gear please take a look at these companies that donate to all the competitions that are put on in the US. 100 percent of these companies are not obligated to sponsor. Many of them offered to sponsor without even being asked! Whether it is 1 item or several, every single one of these companies deserves to be considered for your next purchase. We have said it several times and will say it again….sponsors are the icing on the cake when the events are put on. If you talk to anyone at these companies just say thanks to them for supporting the community. I know they appreciate the recognition. Here is a list of sponsors that donated.

GDI Engineering
Mile High Shooting
GA Precision
Crescent Customs
SPA Defense
Suppressed Tactical Solutions
F&D Defense
OSS (Operators Suppressor Systems)
Bravo 18
Action Targets
JP Enterprise
Starlight Cases
Vortex Optics
Primary Arms
Borka Tools
Berger Bullets
B&T Industries, LLC
Triad Tactical
WieBad, LLC
Rock Solid Stocks
XLR Industries
Molding Solutions
Invincible Safes
Aadland Engineering, LLC
Badger Ordnance
Shark Precision
Camera Land
CDiPrecision Gunworks
Copper Creek Cartridge Company
CS Tactical
Custom Reloads of Dallas
Impact Data Books
Lone Star Field Products
Jewell Triggers
Kirkpatrick Guns & Ammo
Manners Composite Stocks
Peerless Rifle Company
Phoenix Custom Rifles
Precision Rifle Solutions
Precision Stock Works
Promisedland Guns
Rock Creek Barrels
RW Snyder Gunsmithing
Specialized Dynamics
Storm Tactical
Surgeon Rifles
Spin Drift
Talley Manufacturing
Templar Tactical Firearms
Texas Hunters Depot
Timney Triggers
Uber Group, LLC

If we have left any sponsors out please notify me as so much stuff came in at the last minute. I tried to log everything in but as crazy at it was I could have accidentally left one out.

We hope to have a bunch of pictures up on our website and facebook by next week.
To all the competitors, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to come to the Bushnell Brawl. With all the different competitions that are out there now, we are honored that you all still come to Rifles Only. When registration opened up we were amazed that we had well over 200 applicants. Turning down more competitors then those who actually shot was a very hard thing to do. For those who did not make it, we hope to see you next time. We have decided to only put on 1 competition a year to give the sponsors a break. We also know that there are many other great venues out there that are putting on some pretty good competitions. Jacob and I plan on seeing you all at some of them in the near future. Good luck to all of you that are in the PRS. We hope to see you at the finale here at Rifles Only in December. From the RO crew, sponsors, competitors, and those of you who support Rifles Only, we can never thank you enough! Many of you are family and we are truly thankful and lucky to be in this industry!!!

RiflesOnly 05-02-2012 10:07 PM

One more thing....this event will be televised on Shooting USA around the July 4th time frame. Will keep you posted when we know the exact date!

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