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sarge_257 12-01-2010 12:23 AM

1911 barrel for sale
Barrel for sale

My buddy Dave and I have known each other since 1970 and we frequently go shooting together sometimes at matches but usually just the two of us at any number of ranges in the Denver area. Dave did not have the advantage of the Army Markmenship unit training that I did so as you would expect I generally always outshoot him. Now rifles, he can put me to shame, but that is another story. This time we were at an inside pistol range and when it was announced that a pistol competition match was scheduled for 1pm that after noon we went out for lunch and came back and signed up.
I was shooting a Colt Combat Commander that I had built up into a very accurate carry gun. With all the bells and whistles that we gunsmiths have laying around our shop. Dave was shooting a Tarus copy of the Beretta Mdl. 92 a very accurate gun in it's on right. I had de-bugged it for him and gave him a nice SA trigger pull. The match was a turning target, full size silhouette target with scoring rings. To get several matches in the small range they limited each one to 50 rounds. That also let the average guy shoot without spending the house payment.
The Range Safety Officer informed everyone of the range safety rules and then the Match Director explained the way the match would run. A simple match, the range was 40 ft and every time your target turned you put 5 rounds in it. After 25 rounds a new target was put up and you did it again. You had a choice of using the average of both targets for your final score or just the best one. If you chose one target you had to compete with all the others that chose one target. And the same for the two target choosers.
So when our turn came up we laid out our ammo magazines and fussed with our pistols until the 1 min. warning was given. The targets turned and the range exploded with gunfire. Drop the magazine and ram the next one in and keep shooting.Somewhere around the third magazine my Colt went BOOM instead of Bang. I grabbed the slide and it was solid. Being a Boy Scout I am always prepared. And if you have read some of my other gun problems you know why I carry several guns to the firing line. I dropped the magazine and grabbed for my pistol bag and pulled out my old reliable Colt full size 1911A1 that has saved my bacon many a time. And throwing a 5 shot magazine in it I kept shooting. The target just turned on my last shot and the bullet hole was oblong. Obvious a slider. When the match was over for the first time in his life, my good buddy Dave beat me. I had dropped one round and thrown three in my hast to get them all off. I congratuated Dave as he was looking at our targets. He had a puzzled look on his face and he commented,"You sure this is your target Sarge? What happened here" I handed him my Combat Commander and told him to open it. Of course he could not.
"I had to switch to my full size 1911A1, something broke in my Commander." I explained. "And you still shot a damn good score too," Dave commented. "I laughed and told him I was used to having guns break in my hands.LOL"
"Well I thought I had finally beat you, but it was the gun that beat you. So I will not accept the trophy." he said.
"You better get your rear end over there and accept that trophy," Sarge said "You won it fair and square." And that is how my friend is. Which is why we have been friends for 40 years.

sarge_257 12-01-2010 01:26 AM

I have three pictures of the Colt barrel that stopped my shooting. But I cannot get them to upload, download or show up in the story.HELP

Scratchammo 01-31-2011 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by sarge_257 (Post 394869)
I have three pictures of the Colt barrel that stopped my shooting. But I cannot get them to upload, download or show up in the story.HELP

Hope this helps: itlesonly=0

fixxer 02-03-2011 01:26 PM

The easiest way to do this is to upload them to an online photo account like Google's Picasa or Service like this are free online. To upload to them you just click on the "browse" button and navigate to your picture "C:Mydocument/my pictures/crazy clown.jpg". It will then copy the filepath and begin uploading to your online account. These free services then let you view your files and they give you a quick and easy online url to link your photo to your posts. Copy that url to your picture stored online. Then all you have to do is click on the little mountain photo looking icon above your text box and paste the url address into the field. Just be aware that moving, deleting or editing the name of your picture stored online and linked via URL will break the link to the picture and it will no longer display in your blogs. It's best just to leave it alone once you use the URL image in a post. The added benefit to that though is that it gives you control of the picture if you were to lose control of your online forum account (say you wanted to delete your profile but the website keeps your posts and blogs). You can then go to your online photo storage and delete your album which will kill all your URL's. Hope this helps because I'd really like to see a pic of your 1911 kaboom barrel.

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