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What do I need to do to buy this 11.5" upper from a friend?

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Originally Posted by wmeyer116 View Post
Hmm, what if they live in the same household as me? haha I'm guessing not. But yeah I have a few friends who have no AR's or AR parts that i could let keep it for a while.

And also, do I just fill out a form and mail it? Or do I need to go to a FFL to do the paperwork there?

I honestly don't know but even if you could do it yourself I would go to an FFL who can offer experience and guidance on navigating the confusing waters of the BATFE and their processes.
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wmeyer116. Do you already own a lower? If not, not a problem. If you do, you have an issue. If you don't own a lower just don't buy one until you have the paperwork done. If you do own one...well you need to do the paperwork first.
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I'll go ahead and get the paperwork started then. I do own a lower, and a 16.5 upper. I'll go to my local FFL, they're great guys, and I'll have them help me with the paper work. Thanks again for helping out a SBR newb!
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You don't HAVE to go through an FFL but it might be better to have one check over the paperwork and not just any FFL but an NFA dealer. I bought a Class 3 firearm from an individual some years ago and I did the paperwork, took the pictures and went and got the Sheriff's aproval and fingerprints and sent it off and had no problems. I got the paperwork back and picked up the gun. BTW the paperworks is going to take about 7 months to get back.
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Ill just go ahead through my dealer. It will be easier that way anyway. And as to the 7 months, I kinda expected that. Obummer and Firearmageddon we have to thank I'm guessing. Thanks again
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Unless your local ffl is not an sot they also cant hold it for you if they have rifle recievers and no pistol lower to put it on... same rules apply.

Friend of mine bought a pistol lower for his shorty 300blk while he is doing the paperwork for an sbr.

You only need a sot ffl (class3 in common terms) if your transfering an nfa item across state lines. You can do a person to person transfer sans ffl by filling out submitting forms waiting for stamps. Once the stamp shows up its a private sale like any other private sale.

Now, in your case the upper itself falls under constructive intent. It doesnt matter where you store it. If you have access to it on your own and it isnt logged into an ffl bound book you have access to it. That means if you store it in antarctica under a igloo its still constructive intent.

Couple things you can do with an item that cannot go into a bound book, either buy a pistol lower to remove constructive intent or dont buy the upper. The pistol lower does not have to be fully assembled. Or best case find a sot dealer in your area willing to help you with storage while your sbring it.

Keep copies of the papers you submit to the batfe along with the registered mail reciepts. Just in case

Its a bad idea to buy nfa parts without having the nfa item ready to go.
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What do you guys think the actual value of a colt 11.5 inch a2 upper half is? Its in excellent shape.
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Approx $600 to $700 is all I would pay.
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