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cmhill 05-04-2012 06:35 PM

Transfer from a non licensee to a ffl through mail
Question / survey. I know it is legal for a non-licensee to ship a firearm to a licensed dealer via contract carrier for a transfer but how many of you guys will accept this form of transfer from a non licensed individual? it has been our policy in the past and currently to only accept transfers from licensed dealers.

cmhill 05-04-2012 06:36 PM

please answer poll and discuss further

JonM 05-04-2012 07:24 PM

it is legal for a ffl to accept a gun coming from a nonlicensed person as in long guns shipped by us post office to transfer to another non licensed individual.

handguns must be shipped next day insured by fedex etc not by uspost office by a nonlicensed person.

thats how things like guns america gun broker ebay deal in firearms.

if im understanding the question your asking.

fyi im not a ffl holder but i buy a lot of guns

cmhill 05-04-2012 07:33 PM

thanks for your input I was more directing it to ffl dealers as I am one. more or less a poll to see how others handled this situation. I have a store as well as do sales on gunbroker and guns america I have only had 2 individuals try to mail/transfer a firearm to me that were unlicensed one of which was yesterday and raised quite a stink when i made him aware of our stores policy that it must come from an ffl dealer. Reason being I can not confirm that the individual that actually packaged and shipped the firearm was the actual owner or if they are infact the actual person of whoms ID was sent with the firearm to show where it came from. Also by goind through a dealer I would expect the shipping dealer to check serial numbers before taking it into his custody and shipping which would prevent me from recieving a stolen/wanted firearm and having to explain the the customer why they can not take posession of it and how they will have to go after the seller for their money.

orangello 05-04-2012 07:43 PM

If you don't want to do such business, simply disclose that policy in no uncertain terms. The unwanted business will go elsewhere, some of it legitimate while some of it may not be. That only seems fair.

FFL01user 05-04-2012 09:24 PM

I also will not accept shipments from non licensees. If the person doesn't like it, oh well. They can take their business elsewhere and I'm fine with that. I don't care about missing out on making a few bucks, it's not worth it to me as you just don't know who you're dealing with. Receiving from FFL's only keeps things much "cleaner" and maintains a traceable chain of custody.

Jpyle 05-04-2012 10:09 PM

I am not a FFL but have on occassion sold guns to individuals out of state. In all cases I used an FFL to FFL transfer. To me the peace of mind and the paper trail were worth the fees. Actually the fees were offset by the cheaper shipping methods a FFL has available. So no, I would not consider your policy as overly b urdensome or extraordinary.

c3shooter 05-04-2012 10:35 PM

Not a Dealer, am an 03 FFL- a collector- licensed since 1976. I have purchased firearms from private individuals (non-licensed persons) and I have to maintain a bound book of acquisitions and dispositions, same as an 01. I DO require that the seller provide me with a copy of his Driver's License- and that name and address had better match up to who I am making payment to- and that is the name and address that goes in my bound book.

If you chose not to accept a firearm from a non-licensed person, that is your prerogative. However, requiring that the seller involve a FFL on THEIR end as well as you on the receiving end DOES significantly increase the cost of the transaction. In SOME areas, a Dealer charges $150 per gun for that service. When you add shipping, and fees by the receiving FFL, for a $200 Mossberg target .22 ..........

I have had 01's that did not want to accept an 03 for a firearm that was, without question, a C&R- or simply did not know WHAT an 03 FFL or a C&R WAS. Again, their call- it is their license on the line. I will thank them for their time, and go shop elsewhere.

As far the sending FFL checking serial numbers- depends on where you are. It is required in some areas. It is not available in many areas- no access to NCIC for persons not LEOs.

Axxe55 05-04-2012 10:46 PM

i am not an FFL holder either, but i see why you have the policy you do and personally i see no problem with it. as long as you are upfront and clear as to what your policy is, then if they get upset about it, oh well. tough. one reason when someone asks me about selling a firearm, i tell them to go through an FFL holder. in the state of Texas, you can do face to face private sales, but i personally will only do such deals with very close friends or family. going through an FFL is a small price for peace of mind.

danf_fl 05-04-2012 11:05 PM

I advise the sender to go through an FFL if possible.

But I would not turn down a transfer.

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