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macon17 11-02-2011 06:43 PM

so if i get a ffl can i order guns from home or do i need a bussiness?
And I know you have to pay is there like an annul fee?

danf_fl 11-02-2011 06:49 PM

Go to the BATF website. They have the answers.

Doc Neeley 11-02-2011 09:32 PM

As Dan said, check the BSTF site. Regarding buying from home, some distributors require you be a storefront and require a photo of the store and the inventory. Buying from individuals across state lines is a different story.

JonM 11-02-2011 09:35 PM

a regular ffl for buying guns from distributers or directly from manufacturers you cannot buy them just for personal use. the ffl is for running a business. if you want one you can have firearms shipped to you without being in the business of selling the c&r license is the only option.

c3shooter 11-03-2011 12:58 AM

Macon- there are several different FFLs. The one you are speaking of is a DEALER's FFL (an 01 FFL) The BATFE will NOT issue a Dealer's FFL for personal use- you must show that you intend to "Engage in the business" of buying and selling guns.

You do not have to have a separate building from your home, but you MUST have a business. You will be required to show you meet all local and state laws BEFORE ATF will issue that license. That includes having a business license, be zoned to operate a business, etc.

The type 03 FFL is a Collector's FFL. You do not have to be in the business. It is $30 for 3 years. However, it only covers Curio & Relic firearms- those that are 50 years old, or on the list published by the ATF. Will not include the brand new gee whiz that was just made this year.

macon17 11-03-2011 02:11 AM

Well that's all I would need just to order like older ww2 rilfes and stuff....

JonM 11-03-2011 02:48 AM


Originally Posted by macon17 (Post 618181)
Well that's all I would need just to order like older ww2 rilfes and stuff....

well they gotta be on the batfe curio/relic list and actually made 50 years ago.

example: an m1 garand made in 1944 is a c&r. an m1 garand made in 1989 is not a c&r even tho the m1 garand type is on the list. springfield armory actually made new manufacture garands in the 80's

c3shooter 11-03-2011 03:01 AM

Macon- some info for you. DO be aware that some states, like CA, put additional restrictions on a C&R FFL (no handguns shipped directly to you) and it has NO effect on buying modern guns- you are treated same as any other private citizen. You must be 21 to get an 03 FFL.

Getting your C&R FFL

GunNut 11-03-2011 03:02 AM

Some of the answer depends on what State you live in. Most states allow an ATF type 01 from a dwelling/home; however one state Massachusetts will not. Some states have stuff written into state law to the effect that "no county, city, muncipality or home rule government may pass laws more strick than the state in regard to the licensing, ownership, transfer and/or possession of firearms". Once again other states like Massachusetts say the opposite and a city or any other government can do just about anything they want. If you are really interested go look up Heller and McDonald two supreme court decisions.

Remeber Massachusetts if you think Rhomney would be a good choice for President.

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