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beastmode986 01-23-2013 02:47 AM

Rocket/grenade launcher question
No I don't wish to buy one, however I have read that grenade and rocket launchers are legal to own and NOT registered. I read that you can own an rpg but the rocket itself is what's registered or illegal right? I also read that you can own grenade launchers(underslung is what I'm mainly referring to) but the high explosive rounds are what's registered/illegal but the smoke, flare, and tear gas rounds are legal.

Is this true?

Mosin 01-23-2013 02:49 AM

This is very true. In fact, you don't even need to register the rockets either.[BingPPC]ArmyEnlist_JA_19

c3shooter 01-23-2013 03:01 AM

Grasshopper, you have been fed at least part of a load of ca-ca.

First, look up the term "Destructive Device". The WW2 Bazooka, which is a rocket launcher, and it's larger replacement- the 3.5 inch rocket launcher- are destructive devices. They are treated much the same way that machine guns are treated. The M-72 LAW is not such a device- once it has been fired. Since it is not reusable as a weapon- one shot and it is done- the expended launcher is not a DD.

Each round of bazooka ammo that has an explosive warhead is also a destructive device.

Now, with grenade launchers, there is some difference. The military uses a 40mm, either the M79, the M203, or one of the belt feds. Again- destructive device. Each round of EXPLOSIVE ammo- destructive device.

HOWEVER- there is a 37mm Gas gun- for which explosive ammo is not made. Called a gas gun because that is what the police dept uses to lob a tear gas round thru your window. Those are not destructive devices when used for gas, flares, smoke, etc. There is also a 26.5 mm Flare launcher that is not a destructive device.

Now, someone asks- what happens if you take a 37mm smoke round, open it, pack it with tannerite and a blasting cap? Well, that is really simple. Snake tells you that you had better getcher azz back to the cell, bitch, and get the laundry done. (10 yrs, Federal prison, violation of 1934 National Firearms Act, no parole, and a $10,000 fine).

EDIT_ sorry- you asked about RPGs. They are also DDs, Each round of ammo with an explosive warhead- DD. Two years ago did an investigation of an accident at a research facility working with a version of RPGs- and trust me, those are rather rigidly controlled. There is a TRAINING AID that is a dummy launcher that is not a DD, but it also cannot shoot rockets 960 meters.

But as he said right up there ^^^- if you would like an M203 for FREE, just go stand over there. When I tell you, raise your right hand, say "I do" and take one step forward. We can get you fixed up with new boots, a haircut, and a place to shoot. And a great FREE exercise program....:D

beastmode986 01-23-2013 09:28 PM

Thanks c3, so this is not a destructive device right?
These rounds arent dd's even though they explode?

Also why are striker shotguns,usas 12's, and spas 15's destructive devices? Aren't they like any other 12 gauge ?

c3shooter 01-23-2013 11:48 PM

No, the 37mms are not DDs. And that is a flare launcher. No the ammo listed is not a DD. There is a minimum weight of explosive to reach DD status.

Street Sweepers are a DD because they have a bore greater then.50 inches AND do not have a recognized sporting use. Where my 12 g pump shotgun (about .72 caliber) DOES have a recognized sporting use.

A note of STRONG caution on the flare launcher whizbang thing- using that could result is getting bitch-slapped with a shovel by Smokey D. Bear. Start a fores fire, you are responsible for the FINANCIAL COSTS of putting it out. Rented a water tanker aircraft lately?

JonM 01-23-2013 11:57 PM

unlike machine guns, suppressors, sbr, sbs, aow... there is a good reason to regulate explosives.

overtime most military grade explosives degrade and become unstable this makes them a real danger to people living next door to the last man on earth thats been stockpiling for decades in his garage

beastmode986 01-24-2013 01:21 AM

Why is a usas 12 or spas 15 a destructive device? aren't they both semi auto shotguns like the saiga 12 or mk1919?
I completely understand the regulation of explosives but how does someone even get a hold of ammo for there grenade launcher or
rocket launcher that seems like it would be more difficult to get than the gun itself. Do destructive devices need tax stamps? if so then wouldn't you need a tax stamp for each rocket or grenade?

I also read flamethrowers ARE unregulated and its completely legal to construct and use them as well but on gun broker this is a destructive device

I read it here a few months back when me and my friend were discussing the legality of flamethrowers.

c3shooter 01-24-2013 02:35 AM

Why one shotgun and not another? Better lobbyist? One of those was banned from import, and later regulation was changed. One was a select fire (full auto).

The flamethrower for sale is NOT a DD. Read the ad. Yes, each grenade or explosive rocket needs papers from the BATFE.

And yes- see the kind of fun stuff I used get to play with? (Anti-armor weapons, cannon, landmines, etc) Of course, it CAN e a bit of a conversation killer down at the bar- when someone says, "So- what do you do for a living?" and you say "I make pipe bombs." :p

For those of you that have recently joined our program already in progess, and do not know the back story- I am a licensed explosives engineer, and have been an Ordnance Disposal/ Bomb Disposal officer in civilian life, and am a retired member of the US Army. Please note that while it is legal for me to work on some fun things, that is because (in the words of Jim Carey in The Mask) "I have a license for that." Doing so without touching second base can cause (what is left of) your body to be put in Federal prison a LONG time.

beastmode986 01-24-2013 03:22 AM

Sound like a fun job. Thanks for answering all my questions but DAMN if someone wanted an artillery peice or a rocket or grenade launcher to add to a collection, it would cost like 300$ a shot.

AR10 01-24-2013 03:58 AM

They sell 40mm M203's on Amazon, and call them airsoft. I have not ordered one, but they look like a duck, and quack like a duck. I think they are a duck. Putting one to use outside an airsoft platform would be pretty straight forward, and get you three hots and a cot.

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