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BigD 02-17-2008 09:38 PM

Need some good, sound advice here.
I have an opportunity to purchase a STEN MKII, in great working order, decent condition, w/7 mags, at a decent price. Well below market value. The owner is in bad need of $. It is being offered through a friend. I do not know if it has ever been registered, or even if it is warm, but I don't believe so. My friend would not put me in that situation. Although the registering part is unknown. Here are the questions.

1) If it has not been registered, can I get it done? If so, how?

2) If this weapon is stolen, what should I do, walk away? Report it?

3) Finally, if this weapon has been converted to semi auto only, does it still qualify as a "Machine Gun", since the auto feature has been eliminated.?

4) How can I run the numbers on this weapon, so I can get the background, previous owners, etc.?

I have a chance to turn this over for a little profit, after I play with it awhile, but I won't come near it if I can go "up the river".

Righteous 02-17-2008 11:10 PM

go for it, even if ya go up the river everybody gets out sooner or later lol

allmons 02-17-2008 11:13 PM

If it's a semi, it is probably legal
If it's full auto, there are many Federal rules and Regs, but the short version is
if there is no blue ATF tax card, walk away. The weapon can only be transferred through a certified Class III dealer and you will have to apply to BATFE for permission.

Full auto is legal in Tennessee, but only with BATFE approval. Please understand, I am a nurse, NOT A LAWYER, so go to the BATFE web site to look at the rules.

If it is semi auto, then it has to fire from a closed bolt and has had a new receiver installed ; no further registration is necessary.

Side note: a good friend bought a pistol from "a guy at work" that he trusted. He eventually swapped it to me and I tried to trade it for a shotgun I wanted a local gun store. Turns out it was stolen. Friendship doesn't guarantee that you won't get a stolen weapon.


hillbilly68 02-18-2008 01:58 AM

Must go through a Class III dealer no matter what (if it is Class III). The process will root out all the questions. Private sale of NFA weapons is illegal, must be transferred. If it is semi, will still be a SBR (NFA rules apply here too) if under 16" bbl. I wouldn't touch it until he had a dealer aligned with a legal transfer. Good luck.

Subgun Ordnance 02-18-2008 08:49 PM

If its legal it will be on a form 4 for civilian. Ask to see it. ?If not registered it will have to be cut up(demilled). You cant register it. So dont ask

Later Joe

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