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firearmhoney 05-21-2007 05:02 PM

The firearm I'm looking at is a MP5. 'sub-machine gun', 9mm calibre, retractable buttstock (most likely MP5 A3).
Firstly,many definitions of a submachine gun are a select fire weapon that fires pistol ammo and can be used either as a semi-auto or as an automatic firearm.
The MP5 generally fires in bursts, even though I have never yet come across a true full auto MP5 (they say a ratchet, is added that converts from full auto to burst).

1. Does anyone know what the BATFE, AFTE, NRA or other body says what a submachine gun is?

2. Does the MP5 come with a preset amount of cartridges that are discharged in a burst, e.g. 2,3 or 4? or can the burst vary between 2 two 4 (or even 5 rounds), when the trigger is fully depressed and held in the burst mode?

3. What needs to be adjusted/modified on the MP5, to adjust the rate of fire in the burst mode?

Dgunsmith 05-21-2007 08:52 PM

MP-5 Transferrable
Before you look any further, do you have $ 15,000 for an A-3 or $ 20,000
for an MP-5 SD ?

They are REAL nice, but real expensive ! Basic guns have metal lower auto selector..burst is as long as you hold trigger back.
Standard mag is 30 rounds. "Sub-machinegun" means it fires a pistol round.
actually, MP-5 means machine pistol..version 5 by HK...discontinued and no longer made in Germany. HK authorized factories make them for LE and Military but not export to anywhere outside country of orgin.

Some have a "Navy" plastic lower with 3 shot burst. FBI had a 2 shot burst version .

Price of gun = $ 200 tax and a 3 month wait if in a legal state will get you one. Good investment..they go up about 10-15% per year.

LEO 06-16-2007 02:43 AM

MP5 machine guns are going to cost you!! $16,000 - $24,000

You can get different trigger packs.

SEF = Safe, Single, Full Auto
01F = Safe Single, Full Auto
012F = Safe, Single, 2 round burst, Full Auto
013F = Safe, Single, 3 round burst, Full Auto

The burst trigger packs have a wheel inside the counts the rounds fires and stops automatically. You cannot adjust the burst modes other then what comes with the trigger pack. I imagine you could swap out the burst wheel between the 2 and 3 as available.

LEO 06-17-2007 02:27 PM

I wanted to point that something of interest about the MP5 machine guns.

Most of the MP5 guns were conversions from the HK94 model where the trigger pack front pin had to be "clipped and pinned". Meaning the trigger pack does not pivot on the front pin since the HK94 had a ramp.

Both ends of the pin are glued to the pack and the center rod is cut away giving it the look like it is a real pin. Any gun with a front pin hole is deemed to be " MACHINE GUN" no matter what.

The civilian models lacked the front pin hole to prevent the use of a full auto trigger pack from being installed. So the trigger pack had to be modified to fit.

notdku 06-22-2007 04:32 PM

Why are they so expensive, supply and demand or super high quality manufacturing/parts. Or Both?

Subgun Ordnance 06-22-2007 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by notdku (Post 3331)
Why are they so expensive, supply and demand or super high quality manufacturing/parts. Or Both?

D all the above. Since they can no longer be made they are priced accordingly. Guns that are stamped like Uzi and Mac are bringing in 3k and 7k They originally were 300-500 guns. Go figure:D

LEO 06-23-2007 02:04 AM

The supply of Machine Guns available to the civilian population in the US is limited to what is available for sale from private owners.

The demand is not really there since they are so expensive. Now limited to only the serious collectors who will not be parting with them any time soon.

High Quality?? Not really a factor here. Some companies were better at making the conversions than others. But when it comes to the supply available... your going to have to take what you can get or wait.

The price keeps going up each time they change hands. I wonder if there will ever be a point where it stops climbing. But... as long as people are willing to pay.. the price may keep climbing.

Subgun Ordnance 06-23-2007 01:33 PM

I think the demand is there for subgun sales. It is the internet scum that forces the prices out of line and therefore it starts out of line pricing trends. Also more people are finding out they can own Legal Machine Guns. You get what the market will pay and it is climbing at a rate of 10-20% per year. Try this link for current pricing trends.

Later Joe :D

LEO 06-23-2007 09:08 PM

Price Increase
Ya.. Price keeps going up so you have to buy now!!

There are several dealers on the Internet... I have been told that many sell junk at high prices.

If you see POR... don't ask since it is going to be way too much. When I did... it was $22,000 + and the guns were not described as new.

I did find one company that was reasonable and guns were brand new! Later learned that he was an excellent rep and is highly regarded.

If they want 22K.... It better be a rare receiver with a real front push pin.. and then in brand new condition.

Here is a direct link to the MP5 price averages :

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