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MobileMarine 01-13-2012 05:27 PM

Movie guns for sale
Just wonder if any movie or prop guns ever come up for sale ? What would be the red tape if any for buying a full auto blank gun ? Price for said gun ? For some reason I think North Carolina has some sort of restriction on prop guns from what I have seen on some online stores , that certain guns were not for sale in nc , I think it may have been guns like the MP5 non-firing model but look like the real deal.
I also found a guy at the dixe show that had an old german mg that fired off propane , Any kits for that or just a bit of redneck ingenuity with a bit of obama riggin ?

Again I dont know alot about them but it would seem if the prop gun was set to blanks only , it could easily be changed back with another barrel , if thats how they modify them to not accept a live round

c3shooter 01-13-2012 10:57 PM

Once a firearm, ALWAYS as firearm until it has been deactivated. Deactivation does not involve a barrel- it DOES involve cutting the receiver into 3 pieces with a cutting torch, or totally melting it.

There ARE blank firing full autos- a number of European companies specialize in lookalikes (because in many cases, folks there cannot own the real thing) HOWEVER- a blank firing gun may not be capable of firing ball ammo, and may not be "readily convertable" to doing so.

Yes, movie guns DO come up for sale. ATF rules apply. The Gatling gun used in Predator has been sold a couple of times. (HOW much? :eek:) Even the studios get themslves in trouble now and again. They made up a cut down lever action rifle for Steve McQueen in the series The Bounty Hunter. Problem was, the "Mare's Laig" became a Short Barreled Rifle- and they did not touch second base with the ATF. Whoops!

Trez 01-13-2012 11:23 PM

Ive been reading about lugers, and theres many European collectors who have to have their guns "deactivated" before they can be owned... The receivers arent cut at all, but are still modifed so they can never shoot again.. What do they do to them to make them legal in those country's that any functioning gun is a no-no, but still look like a complete funtioning gun?

c3shooter 01-14-2012 12:57 AM

Depends on the gun. Different standards for different guns. Usually barrel is slotted, plugged. Firing pin removed, hole welded up, Part of bolt is cut away, etc. Euro standards and American ATF standards are quite different.

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