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no_man_army 04-14-2010 06:15 PM

MG drum issue
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i havd just purchased an MG and HK mag but i cant get the mag to fit, am i missing parts? please help

Regards James

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deth502 04-14-2010 09:03 PM

not a very good pic of the left side, but it looks to be an mg-43 or an mg-1 section. that drum will only mount to an mg-3 feed tray.

they DO make a drum that will attach to a mg-1, but they are rarer and more expensive.

deth502 04-14-2010 09:05 PM

that was supposed to be "mg-42" anyway, heres an mg-1 drum

anm2_man 04-14-2010 09:08 PM

Looking at your pictures, the weapon looks like a German MG42 beltfed Machine gun. If that is what it is, then at no time did theat weapon ever except a magazine. Its a beltfed machine gun which use ammo that has been linked together.

robocop10mm 04-14-2010 09:39 PM

How on Earth did you get permission to buy that in England? I thought the possession of even a single machinegun part would get you drawn and quartered.:eek:

The ammo appears to be 7.62 X 54R. Do you have other belt feds?

no_man_army 04-14-2010 09:47 PM

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its an M53 sorry for not mentioning this before

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(above) my gun
(below) M53 with my HK mag

Attachment 13229

no_man_army 04-14-2010 09:50 PM

The ammo appears to be 7.62 X 54R. Do you have other belt feds?[/QUOTE]

i think its 7.92mm:confused:

deth502 04-15-2010 12:13 AM

if its a 42, its 8mm. if its a 3, its 308. imnot positive, but im pretty sure the mg-1 was 308 too.

either way, your not going to get a mg3 drum on a 42 or a 1.

the drum attaches to teh feed tray. im not sure if you can change out JUST the feed tray or not, or if its even worth the effort.

idk if you can order the parts in from the us, if so, heres an mg3 feed tray with the propper mount to attach that mg3 drum:

MG3 Feed Tray, MG42 .308 Feed Tray, RTG Gun Parts

deth502 04-15-2010 12:17 AM

ok, missed the post where you said it was a 53. thats the yugo copy of the mg-42.

not sure if it can even be made work with the 42. the same website i just linked to though, did have a complete conversion kit to change it to an mg1 in 308 that will take an mg1 drum, but still no help for your mg3 drum.

m72law 04-15-2010 11:18 PM

not sure on the drum?...

but that looks like 8mm yugo ammo to me:)

looks to be inert ammo...deactivated MG?

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