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MobileMarine 06-28-2012 03:03 AM

Building a parts kit or a de-milled
To start with , here are two examples I would like to buy and build . I would really like this one

Now Im a slick rick on the welder , holes drilled in the bore i could deal with , maybe even welding a receiver back up . Are most of these f/a guns ? Why were they hacked ? Are the firing groups hacked too ? like the bolts , sears ect ?
How available are parts ?
Say i just wanted to look complete and un-harmed for a shop display ?
Could they be safely repaired to fire low pressure or blanks ?
I see alot of f/a AK kits with cut barrels , whats to keep people from buying them and just making their own prison sentence ?
Dont get me wrong , id love to buy one of the said ak kits but fear it may be from some bored atf guy at home lol .
Aside from a legal stand point .... can these guns be built from the links above ? Or are they truly good for parts only ?
Some are intact minus the barrel , could you just buy a used barrel or is that what would make them non compliant .
Say its a MG that has been cut n frilled to hell . If its pre ban MFG and you had the time and money , could you legally / physically bring it back to life ?

Sorry for the 21 questions but I have always wondered this . I have kids wife and a business now so no chancing that over a stupid gun but said guns would be nice to have when Z.E.R.T is not around to help you in the Apocalypse LMAO , you know , in pieces but could be readied . Not trolling , fishing or no ill / illegal intent here , just looking for honest answers to honest questions .

c3shooter 06-28-2012 04:23 AM

Legally, the RECEIVER is the firearm. Everything else in just parts. If you buy a reciever, it is treated like you were buying a complete gun.

A DEMILLED receiver has been TORCH CUT into 3 or more pieces. They used to saw cut them, and too many folks were rewelding. If you buy a parts kit, you will not get a reciever unless it is demilled.

What is to keep you from making a full auto- or a hand grenade or an atomic weapon? Same thing that keeps you from growing opium poppies, and making your own heroin. Someone will put you in a Federal prison for a long time.

Could you buy a former full auto and make it into a semi? No- once a machinegun, always a machinegun. You can make a "Hang it on the wall and it looks cool"- but if it will chamber and fire, you have to wear the "I was really stupid" sign a long time.

Tedennis 06-28-2012 01:01 PM

I just want to say thanks for the links. They have some interesting things. I am also interested in the dpm rifle. Seems like a cheap alternative to dragonov. Kind of...

robocop10mm 06-28-2012 01:31 PM

The pic shows a large section of the receiver missing. The receiver is stamped sheet metal and not the easiest thing to weld on. You would need to add a large part to the middle of the receiver. There is a reason these "kits" are legal. They are nearly impossible to put back into firing order.

MobileMarine 06-28-2012 04:50 PM

Well i have seen many jigs and many flats or blanks , specially for the aks . It also looks like alot of these guns were never MG to start off with .
After all , if SOG can do it why cant we :D lmao
Todays show , we are going to weld up 3 barrels to make one gun

beastmode986 06-28-2012 08:06 PM

if i dont have any firearms licenses can i still buy these, build them and hang them on the wall since they technically arent firearms? would i be able to cut up the insides of the reciver and re weld it and just put on all the parts to make it look fully assemble from the outside? That way it dosent fire and never will and it would be a cool thing to put in the man cave lol

c3shooter 06-28-2012 10:41 PM

Parts kits are not firearms- and without a fairly complete machine shop, will never become firearms- there is no reciever- or one that has BIG chunks missing. IF the parts kit is for a machinegun, do not even CONTEMPLATE attempting to put one back together.

MobileMarine 06-29-2012 01:09 AM

There is a gun shop down a town or 2 over that is right big and sell alot of parts kit and build kits . Its very hard to see on gunbroker or otherwise just how bad they have been cut . I saw a few tommies that were a rats nest but it only looked like the barrel had been welded .
I wont lie , I would love to bring one of these old girls back to life after countless hours or tedious work ... As would most of you reading this too but as this is a internet forum i would never do such a thing .
But I do enjoy when the Vets come in the shop and get googly eyed looking at all the cool artys and naval rounds and alot of other old military contraband .
Yea you could buy a fake tommy for big bucks or you could a ww2 era real one and build it back , non firing of course .
Id like to get an old mauser broomhandle
A thompson
M 60
and a few others .

The cut up Ak's , were they f/a ? If not then why would they demill a semi to import ?

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