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glitch 03-10-2011 06:35 AM

Yugo Tokarev M57 Questions
I'm waiting for a new (to me) M 57 Tokarev to come in and am having trouble finding much information about the M57. Does anyone know where I can get detailed parts breakdown or diagrams of that model? Also, I've seen many people on many forums ask about parts interchangability between the M57 and other models of Tokarev tt and derivitives -- not magazines; that horse has been beaten enough. Parts other than the frame, firing pin assy and magazines. Do the hammer groups and barrels interchange, etc.?

danf_fl 03-18-2011 08:07 AM

glitch: try this:
Tokarev 213

Wolfen1949 07-15-2011 08:29 PM

yugo questions
A lot of the fireing pins on most Tokarevs, is pinned in the M7 goes in much like a 1911. I have used hammer groups from did mosdel on m57s. I am not sure about all barrels but have fitted a model 213 9mm barrel to mine. Magazine is hard to find, but will a little work cz 52 mag. can be used.

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