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adamsdonald61 05-15-2009 12:29 AM

Hello I am new to this sight. I have a just got a Steyr rifle dont know the cal. or model on the reciever there is a date Y:1903 on the side of the reciever there is a date Steyr 1907 it has some parts missing and would like to find the parts to fix it

CA357 05-15-2009 02:39 AM

Welcome here. I'm sure that some of our fine members will be here to help shortly. Steyr's aren't my area of expertise.

If you could post some pictures, it would be helpful.

This is also a good reference source: • Index page

canebrake 05-15-2009 03:00 AM

WELCOME, glad to have you aboard!

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Can't do much without photos.

If you have them (photos) on your computer it's easy to post!

c3shooter 05-15-2009 12:43 PM

PITCHERS !! Where da PITCHERS!!!???

Seriously, egt soem GOOD photos. If no hava camera, sit down with the rifle in front of you, and write a short book on whatcha got, and post that here. Include ANY and ALL markings on the rifle.

canebrake 05-15-2009 08:06 PM

Benning Boy 05-16-2009 03:39 AM

Steyrs generally only come in 8X56R.

The bad news is that this ammo is exceptionally difficult to find.

Depending on what you spent, the worse news is that they can be had intact for about $80.

Difficult to tell you more without pictures.

adamsdonald61 05-19-2009 10:37 PM

The gun was free just wandering what it would cost to rebuild it. can the barrel be replaced without changing the reciever

DrGonzo11 06-07-2009 02:04 PM

If the barrel needs to be replaced it probably isn't worth doing unless its a rare gun, you can pick up good condition Steyr Carbines for around $100 at gun shows. But free is free man, gobble it up.

DrGonzo11 06-07-2009 02:06 PM

B.T.W. Listen to What Mr. T tells ya!! :D:);)

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